The country that has collected on its territory 16 cultural, historical and natural sites UNESCO heritage, several architectural styles, unique natural and architectural ensembles it’s all Poland.

Historic center of Krakow

In this magical city, tourists will find the Wawel Royal Castle, museums, the Church of the Virgin Mary and the largest central market square in Europe. Advise them to take a walk to Kazimierz, a unique area of ​​Krakow that joined it only in the 19th century, and in the past – a separate Jewish city.

Royal Salt Mines in Wieliczka and Bochnia

The oldest rock salt mining center in Europe has been a source of wealth for the country since the 13th century and is currently one of the most visited sites in Poland. The tourist route of 3.5 km stretches along the worked-out part of the salt mines, where miners have carved more than twenty grottoes and chapels from salt. There are underground lakes and a one-of-a-kind underground sanatorium where respiratory diseases are treated.

Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp

Monument to the victims of Nazism in the open air. It is not easy to be here, but the place is worth visiting.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha

A real miracle of nature, located simultaneously on the territory of Poland and Belarus. A unique place from the point of view of preserving natural diversity – both coniferous and deciduous trees are found in these relict forests. You can also meet bison here.

The historic center of Warsaw

Risen from ruins, the city was completely rebuilt after colossal destruction during the Second World War. Tourists will appreciate the local museums and temples, as well as the Royal Castle, whose interior decoration delights in its splendor.

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The old part of Zamosc

The pearl of the Renaissance will enchant guests with the beautifully preserved buildings of the 16th century. Tourists will see what the ideal medieval Italian city should have looked like.

Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork

This impregnable building is one of the largest Gothic fortified castles in the world and the largest in Europe, which served as the residence of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order.

The medieval town of Torun

The city of Nicolaus Copernicus and the stronghold of the Order of the Crusaders. Gothic lovers will appreciate this place – there is something to admire.

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

The famous monastery complex is called the Polish Jerusalem. The biblical Golgotha ​​became the prototype of the architectural and park ensemble in the mannerism style. Each building of the ensemble is unique. The monastery houses the miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Calvary, which attracts thousands of pilgrims.

Peace Churches in Javor and Swidnica

The largest religious structures in Europe, wooden frame structures will amaze tourists with their stunning beauty with baroque interiors.

Wooden churches in southern Lesser Poland

An example of wooden architecture in Roman Catholic culture, which has become an interesting alternative to stone architecture.

Muzhakovsky park

The landscape miracle stretches along the western border of Poland and even “climbed” a little into the territory of Germany. A great place to relax and collect your thoughts after an active sightseeing holiday.

Hall of the Centenary in Wroclaw

The building is called a breakthrough in the history of architecture using reinforced concrete. An innovative architectural and engineering solution that harmoniously combines functionality and form.

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Wooden churches of the Carpathian region in Poland Here tourists will meet 16 unusual wooden churches, eight of which are located in Poland, and eight in Ukraine.

Mine for the extraction of lead and silver ores in Tarnowskie Góry Tourists will be able to descend into the underground of the former mine, built in the Triassic dolomites and limestone. Here are collected silver, tin and zinc mines.

Prehistoric flint mines of Krzemienki

The largest flint mines of the Stone Age in Europe. Currently, the biggest tourist attraction in Kremenek is the almost 500 meters long underground route – the only object of this type in the world open to the public.

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