Travel News Digest Monday, October 5

Perhaps the most important thing that was certainly useful for travelers and representatives of travel companies on the first working day of the week was having strong nerves. Literally in the morning, the first deputy head of the social committee puzzled the public Federation Council Valery Ryazansky… “Of course, we can close the borders of the Russian Federation, we are moving towards this,” the senator told the federal media.


What is it – goodbye again, tours abroad? However, soon the Operational Headquarters for the fight against coronavirus assured that there are no plans to return to the restriction of international flights. And in the late afternoon, optimistic news came from Federal Air Transport Agency – the aviation department has issued permits to carriers for regular flights to 24 countries. Among them are both those for which international air traffic has already been resumed, and those on which a decision has not yet been made – for example, Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, etc. Some air carriers affiliated with tour operators have received approval for charter flights – in particular Royal flight allowed flights to Cuba. However, the euphoria is, of course, premature so far – the fact of admission means that airlines will be able to get on the routes only after an agreement is reached with this or that country on the mutual restoration of flights.


News from one of the most popular tourist destinations – Thailand. The authorities of the kingdom admitted that the first charter, which was supposed to arrive in Phuket by travelers from China on October 8, will not take place on time. The official explanation is that the procedure for obtaining long-term visas, according to which foreigners are supposed to enter today, takes a lot of time. However, the experts have a different version: it is possible that the Thai authorities overestimated the willingness of tourists from abroad to visit the country’s resorts on extremely financially unprofitable and difficult entry procedures.

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It is also interesting to read: Do tourists whose flights did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic have a chance to receive a refund from airlines earlier than three years later – what did the Supreme Court decide?


Summed up the results of their own poll – is our audience expecting a new quarantine in Moscow? Does the tourism industry need its own development bank? What are the rules for admitting guests from abroad in Israel?

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