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Alean Family Resort Collection is an ultra all-inclusive family hotel that promises a comfortable stay for families with children. But how the service actually works, whether it meets the expectations of demanding customers, was found out by experienced travel agents who have traveled all over the world. A delegation of company directors was invited by the leaders of the ALEAN group. Travel agents got used to the role of tourists as much as possible and told our editorial office about their impressions.

But before moving on to reviews – a small note from Olga Smolkina, commercial director of Alean Family Resort Collection:

“There are five hotels in our chain. All of them are family-oriented, but each has its own atmosphere and characteristics.

Olga Smolkina

Commercial Director Alean Family Resort Collection

Alean Family Resort & Spa Riviera 4 *, Anapa – a family resort with a cozy home atmosphere and all the benefits of first-class hotel service.

Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville 5 *, Anapa – a five-star flagship of the chain with Norman-style architecture, many original locations and an original castle-like pool complex. And the sandy beach of the resort is recognized as one of the best on the Black Sea coast in terms of equipment and a range of services.

Alean Family Resort & Spa Biarritz 4 *, Gelendzhik Is a stylish and atmospheric hotel located right in the city center.

Two more hotels have recently joined the Alean Family Resort Collection brand, but have already acquired regular customers.

Alean Family Resort & Spa Sputnik 4 *, Sochi – the legendary resort complex with an incredible history and heritage is located at the foot of Mount Akhun, on the first line, with its own embankment.

Alean Family Hotel Usadba 4 *, Anapa – a family hotel on the first line with a sandy beach and a unique atmosphere of a European resort.

We invited specialists from companies with extensive experience in the luxury segment of international tourism to the group of travel agents for the trip. They admitted that they might not know anything about the domestic beach tourism product. ”

Travel agent reviews

Almost all members of the delegation confessed to the correspondent: they were skeptical before the trip. How did the opinion change and what made an impression?

“Feels like a Turkish school!”

Georgy Tamaev

Travel Times

We ourselves do not travel to Russian hotels, we only hear reviews from tourists, a certain stereotype is formed. But during this trip I rethought my attitude. Each hotel is good in its own way, we lived in Alean Family Resort & Spa Riviera, and it is 100% 4 stars.

In addition to the ratio “price – quality”, there is an excellent number of rooms, varied food, well-groomed territory, which really surprised me. Since the hotel is located in the city, I thought it would be “sandwiched” between other buildings. But the zoning of the territory is so well thought out that there is a feeling of a huge resort.


I will also note the medical center – even the coolest sanatorium can envy it. With regard to customer focus, one can feel the “Turkish school”. The staff is smiling, benevolent, everyone greets, they are ready to prompt, conduct, advise something. The animation is first-class: from morning to evening there is a “movement” going on here, they find an approach to each client. We were busy all day, but even we were involved – until nightfall we played “Mafia”, we got great pleasure.

The only problem is that they could not show us the entire number of rooms. Do you know why? Because everything was busy! And this is an important indicator.

“” Ultra All Inclusive “wide format”

Elena Zhulego

Since we lived in the Riviera 4 * hotel, we felt it especially well. All rooms comply with European standards. Always delicious home-style, very good food for children, wonderful desserts in the pastry shop.

Here is the concept of “ultra all inclusive” in the broadest sense of this format, and I think that it is very relevant for Russians. Although, perhaps not all tourists need the whole package. Of the minuses – the beach is across the road and there are no ramps somewhere, but the hotel was being rebuilt from the existing one, so I will assume that it was technically impossible. There is nothing to find fault with, only if the price – psychologically my clients do not always manage to accept that rest in high-quality Russian hotels can cost comparable to Turkish ones. But I think those who have experienced the service and its benefits become regular customers.


“It was a gastronomic pleasure”

Anna Brusilovskaya

“All over the World”

I was deeply impressed by the Biarritz 4 * hotel in Gelendzhik, there was a feeling of a worthy European resort. The hotel is located in the city, but you understand this only when you go outside it. And this is very convenient: there is an opportunity to immediately be in the center, everything is nearby, you do not need to go anywhere. We stopped by Biarritz 4 * for half a day, where we were delightfully treated: the serving of the dish, the taste, and the atmosphere – it was great, a real gastronomic pleasure.


We managed to see the apartments – they were struck by the picturesque views from the windows.

In general, I can say that all the hotels of the chain are interesting in their own way, there are very friendly staff everywhere, which at first is even surprising, you do not expect such an attitude in domestic resorts.

“I was surprised that there could be such a service in Anapa”

Natalia Yablokova


We have clients who go on vacation abroad 3-4 times a year, and at the same time, at least once a year, they must book Doville 5 *. It was not clear to us, why go to Anapa, if you can afford absolutely everything? Now it is clear what the matter is: Anapa really has excellent service and the atmosphere of the resort attracts to return there again and again.

Doville 5 * has thought out all the little things that you don’t even think about. And when you see, you understand: yes, it’s cool! The restaurant has a children’s area, a lot of options for how to feed the child with the usual food: various cereals, pancakes, cutlets for breakfast. All this suggests that the owners think about the guests, they are well aware of their needs.

I was pleasantly surprised by the beach. Despite the fact that it is best to get to it from the hotel by Club car, there is absolutely everything: a volleyball court, a yoga area, an animation stage, air-conditioned toilets, a cafe for snacks.


I was struck by the approach to organizing the space: a well-thought-out area, where everything is very green, aesthetically pleasing, there are special places for beautiful photos.

I would also like to note the play center, which contains a wide variety of games for children and adolescents of all ages. I think the only problem for parents is to persuade the children to return to their room in the evening.

Each hotel has its own peculiarity and is focused on a specific tourist, but it was Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville 5 * that impressed me as the most thoughtful and grandiose resort. It can be seen that the management is involved in the life of the hotel, receives feedback from tourists and takes into account all wishes. This is what makes 70% of tourists return.

In conclusion – a word to Olga Smolkina. The commercial director of Alean Family Resort Collection spent all the days with the members of the delegation. What did she want to convey to the guests – travel experts?

“Scale and attention to detail”

Olga Smolkina

Commercial Director Alean Family Resort Collection

Frankly, we were preparing for a meeting of experts – heads of travel agencies who have been working with demanding clients for many years and send them abroad. We wanted to exchange experience, get a professional assessment of the developments that we have. On the one hand, we tried to show the scale of our projects, this allows us to provide a lot of opportunities for relaxation and impressions for our guests. On the other hand, they paid attention to details, seemingly trifles, but very important for comfort. In my opinion, we found a common language and had a very productive time.

Many people consider “ultra all inclusive” a system that only deals with food. The philosophy of our brand is that the concept of a comfortable family vacation applies to literally all services, including rental of various equipment, playgrounds, opportunities for sports and entertainment for all ages of our guests. It is very pleasant that our colleagues from the tourist business received an unforgettable gastronomic experience and appreciated our approach to organizing guests’ rest at the resorts. Indeed, we take a very responsible approach to the formation of the properties of our product. For example, our chefs primarily use natural local products. We carefully compose the menu, this year a novelty has appeared: healthy food buffets, which include exclusive dishes developed for us by Julia Vysotskaya. As all of our resorts are family oriented, we provide 24/7 medical support. Each hotel has a pediatrician and a 24-hour medical post. I can list for a very long time the possibilities and services that we have already implemented in the hotels of the group, you can learn about this in great detail on our website. But the best thing is to come and taste our hospitality yourself. I am sure many of you will change your mind about the rest in Russian resorts. ”

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