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Chapter Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova on Wednesday, apparently, she decided to cheer up her fellow citizens who miss their holidays in Turkey: she did not rule out that flights will be opened in July, as the situation with the coronavirus is improving. However, Rosturizm cannot have any influence on the timing, so all that remains is to envy the residents and guests of Antalya.


The city is again like a resort, as cafes and restaurants have been opened. Our correspondent Elena Talpeu was among those who enjoy the sea and the sun, and prepared a report.


Those who bought tours to Turkey and stayed in Russia are recommended to pay attention to other directions in Rosturizm. What it is about – read here. Domestic tourism will be supported by subsidies from the budget. Firstly, Rosturizm finally told which regions fall under the charter flights subsidy program. As it turned out, almost everything. Secondly, I decided on the timing of the continuation of the cashback.


The next stage of the program will begin on October 1 and end by December. Thus, those who want to capture the “tail” of the velvet season at sea and autumn excursion programs will be able to use it. Thirdly, having listened to the opinion of experts that we published on, and carefully counting the number of families with children, the state added more than 4 billion rubles to the “children’s” cashback program. This is reasonable, because the elections are in the fall. Even the winners of last year’s grant competition from Rosturizm will finally get money, although some entrepreneurs had to go into debt.


However, against the background of the binding, in which the director of the Sochi sanatorium fell “Knowledge” Dmitry Bogdanov, Is a mere trifle. He was taken off the plane and put in jail after a respected person wrote to the prosecutor. The business community considers this to be unfair – hundreds of applications are being prepared to the court with a request to change the measure of restraint to house arrest. The editors, in turn, are preparing for publication an investigation of this story on


In conclusion, the news in one line:
Neradko: the issue of permits for flights to Germany has been resolved.
Aeroflot can legitimize the status of the designated carrier.
Austrian Airlines does not expect problems with the issuance of permits for flights in the Russian Federation.
Egypt announced new benefits for airlines, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation looks forward to resuming charters.
Belavia lost flights to 21 countries.
The headquarters was allowed to fly to Casablanca.

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