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Yesterday Zarina Doguzova published a post on her Instagram about how it is planned to support the tourist business. The head of the Federal Department admitted that over the past day she had received many questions on social networks from companies. Part of the post is addressed to travel agencies: “We appreciate your work and understand how difficult it is for you now. And I want to emphasize that when offering support measures for tour operators, we unambiguously assume that they will support you – their retail partners. We will also make every effort to give you maximum access to the measures that will eventually be approved. ” At the end, Zarina Doguzova assured subscribers: “We are in Rosturizme we are all very worried and will do our best to support all of you as much as possible! “

The publication caused a resonance in retail. At the time of preparation of the publication, the post collected more than 700 comments – this is an absolute record in Zarina Doguzova’s account.

Some travel agents drew attention to the fact that the head of Rostourism for the first time publicly noted the role of retail companies and the complexity of their situation. In her previous appeal on April 12, immediately after the announcement of the suspension of flights with Turkey, she urged tourists to negotiate with tour operators, while it would be more logical to channel customer loyalty to travel agents. This aspect was noted by experts and regarded as a kind of detachment from market realities.

With a new appeal, the head of Rostourism seemed to have restored the status quo. But I immediately received feedback from travel agents. And there is something to think about here. The comments point to a deep misconception of officials in their understanding of the partnerships of market participants.


Indicative statements on this topic.

Operators will not financially support the agency, travel agents work for free. For applications that have been paid in full, TA must return the entire commission, for prepaid applications, also make a full refund, but before that, draw up a bunch of documents, offer alternatives, and re-select a tour for them. And as a result, you also have to pay a commission for returning money from your current account. ”

I have been working in tourism for 7 years. Tour operators did not support us and do not support us now. Many TOs only offer transfers to 2022. If for this one, then there are big surcharges. Why should tourists pay extra if they are not to blame? Help us with real deeds and decisions. It is necessary directly, help travel agencies, and not through TO. ”

Commentators substantiate why they cannot offer tourists alternatives to Turkey in Russia: “You have seen at what price places are sold in hotels, for example, Mriya Resort in Crimea, similar to those in Turkey. 700 thousand rubles per room for 10 days for adults and a child in August. At the same time, the cost of a tour to Turkey for the same voucher with a flight is 150 thousand rubles. Our unfortunate citizens have been without the sea for 2 years, experiencing financial losses and transferring vouchers for 2 years in advance, and again, again, they are deprived of the opportunity to relax and receive quality service, food and absolute safety … Russians vacationing in Turkey now do not want leave, there is no need to say that they will be taken out, the rest will be intimidated. “


There is a lot of pain in the explanations of the agencies, they admit – the business has lost its meaning.

It’s not groundhog day. This is the year of the groundhog. We agents have moved applications from last year to this one. Nobody pays for the transfer work separately. I believe you know how the payment for the booked tour is carried out – this is a commission, and it is a one-time fee: I made a reservation back in 2019, I received the money, that’s it. Now all overbookings take up all our working time, but they are not paid by anyone – neither by the tour operator, nor by the tourist (which is logical). Now it is proposed to do the same job again without pay. The question is: until when will we do work for which we do not receive payment. It’s already the second year we’ve been doing this. We have hundreds, hundreds of applications. How will the “support” for us by tour operators be organized?

Among the comments, there are also outright cries for help. One of the subscribers to Zarina Doguzova’s account reports on the situation that has reached the level of crime.

A tourist of mine threatens to throw acid in her face!
I have every second tourist going to court, but my courts have not ended since that year!
Honestly, I want to throw off the bridge already. ”

The agencies offer Zarina Doguzova other measures of assistance than planned. One of them is “to reduce the total cost to be paid by the amount of the commission in the newly entered transferred applications”. The idea is to finally acknowledge the work of travel agents and allow them to withhold their remuneration for their work.

Many consider it necessary to urgently open up massive beach holiday destinations.

Agents are already on their knees in a moral and material sense! Tour operators are objectively close to bankruptcy. Organized tourism is practically dead. If in the next month flights to Egypt, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Montenegro are not opened, then put a big cross on thousands of people, narrow specialists, who will become unemployed. And millions of our citizens will once again lose their money and the chance for a good rest after this crazy year. ”


There are many calls to develop clear regulations for the transfer of tours for tour operators.

They come up with the conditions for rebooking in such a way that there is nothing to change and again the tourists’ money will hang for a year. ” Another quote: “Why can’t all operators prescribe NORMAL transfer conditions that will be convenient for tourists? Where are the regulations for our agency actions? Some go to the forest, some for firewood: in the morning the operators write one thing, in the evening – another, and we are extreme !!!

Profile group members “Travel Presidium” also expressed bewilderment with the plans of Rostourism to support retail through tour operators.

Natalia Lysenko noted: “If they helped on such a large scale and as quickly as they cut off our oxygen, we would be only glad. So far they have succeeded in the first .. ”

“I think they will give us diplomas. As patriots “, – concluded Yulia Tsvetkova… Another panellist added: “Posthumously.”

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