Blog traveler, welcomes you!

My name is Anastasia Shevtsova. I live in Kazan, I like to travel to foreign countries and Russia. Travelling inspires me, helps me to know this boundless world and myself, gives me interesting acquaintances and opens new horizons. I can combine travel with my work, because to work I need only a laptop and the Internet. I am a graphic designer, as well as engaged in the layout of publications and website creation: This is my work, and travel helps me to draw inspiration for its implementation. I practice yoga and share my knowledge with other people. I conduct individual and group yoga classes. Do yoga with me on my Youtube channel.

Once, in my trip to Turkey, I met a local resident and began to ask him about life in Turkey, it was wildly interesting for me to know: what about them? As a result, it was my first interview) So a rubric was born on my website about the life of local people from foreign countries.

Then my relative immigrated with her family from Russia to Israel. This topic has caused me great interest. In the end, we had a long talk with her, I had a lot of questions, I asked about the nuances of moving and living in a new country for them. And it resulted in another interview:). You can find all the interviews in the section “moving abroad”.

I am sure that such information will be very useful to many people, because the theme of immigration is very relevant today.

If you have your own immigration experience and are willing to share it, welcome to publish your story.