Several airlines have delivered flights from Russian regions to cities close to the Sheregesh ski resort. Thus, Nordwind will fly from St. Petersburg to Kemerovo from November 20 twice a week, and from November 8 from Moscow to Novokuznetsk – three times a week. Since October 11, Red Wings Airlines has delivered four flights a week on the Yekaterinburg – Kemerovo route. Utair from October 26 will fly to Novokuznetsk from Omsk, IrAero from September 30 – from Irkutsk (both – twice a week).

In addition, the tour operator TUI Russia has planned charters to the nearest to the resort Novokuznetsk (about two hours away). Weekly flights aboard Ural Airlines will start on December 26 and will last until March 27. Now the company representatives are actively contracting on site.

As the press service of the tour operator said, the company is confident in a good load of charters by freeride lovers who are not afraid of the frosty climate (in winter in Sheregesh the thermometer drops to 30-40 degrees below zero).

Due to the peculiarities of the climate, Sheregesh is considered a freeride mecca – off-piste skiing there is possible directly from the lift. In addition, dry snow falls there, which does not stick together and is ideal for this style of riding. Other advantages of the resort include a long season (from November to mid-May), 36 km of slopes of various levels, stable snow availability and reasonable prices for lifts. The latter is ensured by high competition between ropeway operators – there are three of them. Competition is also planned on the tour market – “Pegas Tourist” has already put up for sale offers based on Nordwind flights to Novokuznetsk.

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Other tour operators are restrained in relation to new flights, and so far do not intend to take on them guaranteed seats for sending tourists to Sheregesh. General Director of the tour operator “Dolphin” Sergey Romashkin explained that this is a small youth resort with not the longest tracks, which is primarily designed for direct customers. Young people from the Kemerovo region and neighboring regions travel there in cars. Flights to Kemerovo will not be interesting for tourists, since it takes about 4 hours to go to Sheregesh from there, and not everyone will agree to such a long transfer after having spent at least the same amount on the plane, the expert said.

“We are approaching a situation where almost every region has its own small ski resort. These are usually small resorts for beginners and families. Their main audience lives a couple of hours away by car. Sheregesh was also always good because it was possible to come there for the weekend, but it is impossible to ride there for a week – it will quickly get bored, and because of two days few will fly so far. In addition, the flight will double the cost of rest, not all alpine skiing enthusiasts agree to this, ”Romashkin said.

Oksana Bulakh, Commercial Director of the tour operator “ALEAN” added that the key problem of Sheregesh is a small bed capacity. “New flights are always good. Due to the fact that the resort is in very high demand among residents of nearby regions (and this year it will only increase due to the inability to travel abroad), this year it will be packed to capacity. We present this product as an assortment product. We do not take a place under the guarantee, local hotels load themselves perfectly. The same situation is with other small resorts – Abzakovo, Bannoe, Arkhyz, Kirovsk. The undeveloped hotel base prevents them from becoming full-fledged destinations for tour operators, ”summed up Bulakh.

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At the time of this writing, prices for accommodation in Sheregesh at the end of November started from 2.5 thousand rubles per night in a guest house, and from 4.2 thousand rubles in a hotel. The price list for hotels located directly at the resort starts at 12.9 thousand rubles.

Only important. For the pros only.

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