Travel News Digest Monday 7 June

The focus of attention of the professional community and tourists on Monday remained the topic of limiting cargo and passenger flights. On the weekend Rosaviatsia strictly prohibited airlines from issuing tickets for tourists, and Rostourism on Monday evening, he advised tourists to choose their holiday destinations more carefully and warned tour operators about the responsibility for the sale of tours with such transportation, so the question arises about the consequences of these restrictions.


Experts are confident that tourists who are already in “closed” countries will not have to evacuate. In the future, the number of flights will decrease, but there is no talk of a complete ban on cargo and passenger flights. Airplanes will continue to fly to “closed” countries, just tickets will become more expensive: this can be seen in the example of Cyprus.


Meanwhile, in the media, tour operators who used cargo and passenger flights are presented as almost scammers, although there is no logic in this: all permits were officially issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency, and Rosturizm, with its explanations and recommendations, came out only late on Friday evening and earlier this topic was generally officially did not comment. Further more. MP Gennady Onishchenko believes that the punishment for flights to foreign resorts should be the tourists themselves, who, contrary to the decisions of the government, come to “all these dirty rookeries.”


Remaining restrictions do not help to establish fair prices for vacations. Once again, travel agents were convinced of this, who are now calculating tours to Albania for their clients, where charters have been officially allowed since June. The cost of tour packages is comparable to a vacation in the Maldives.


What’s happening? Is it time to look for another job? These issues are most hotly discussed now in professional communities.

In conclusion, about one more resonant topic. Friends and colleagues Dmitry Bogdanov, the arrested head of the Sochi sanatorium “Knowledge”collecting money to post bail. They do not lose hope to achieve a mitigation of the measure of restraint and the replacement of detention in a pre-trial detention center with house arrest. If you are not indifferent to the fate of Dmitry Bogdanov, support him. And in this article you can read about the background of what happened.


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