Travel News Digest Tuesday June 1

The main topic of the day was, of course, the extension of the pause in full-format air traffic with Turkey until June 21 and the permission of the headquarters of the Russian government to open flights to a number of other countries. We talked with representatives of Biblio-Globus, ANEX Tour, Intourist and TUI Russia and found out the conditions for transferring the tours to Turkey.


In addition, tour operators announced whether they are ready to start selling tours to the most suitable destinations for tourism – Croatia, Albania and Morocco. Read about the rules of entry to these countries, as well as to Lebanon, in our memo.


The headquarters agreed on an increase in the frequency of flights to Athens, and on June 1, for the first time, after a long pause, a direct flight to the Greek island of Crete departed. Flights to Rhodes are planned, but they will not have a big impact on the tourist flow, and here’s why. Cyprus, meanwhile, will send a delegation to Moscow hoping to agree on the restoration of tourism and regular flights.


More news on air travel. More flights will also appear in Minsk, as Belavia is actively looking for opportunities to use the park freed up due to the sanctions, while increasing tariffs on the route to Egypt and Turkey.


But with Germany it is not yet clear. Aeroflot planned for June a large flight program from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but on June 1, both flights from Sheremetyevo were canceled – officially nothing has been reported about the reasons, an unofficial opinion can be found here.


Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh again host Russian security experts. There were already a lot of commissions, but this time there were details about how future flights from Russia will be serviced. When they will be launched, it is not yet known exactly: on a direct question about the timing, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov answered evasively.


And about domestic tourism. The beginning of the summer season was marked by sales of air tickets on the Moscow – Sochi – Moscow line. It comes to the ridiculous: you can fly in business class for less than 4000 rubles. And in Yalta, they decided to suspend all construction projects so as not to spoil the impression of the city for tourists. But while the weather spoils it.


In Crimea, tourists were warned about squally winds and rains. But there is good news as well. Rostourism has finally begun to pay grants to the winners of the competition, which took place back in November last year. All deadlines have passed, entrepreneurs have already managed to spend their own funds on projects and get into loans, but they are still grateful.


An artificial island was built in Hainan for tourists.
Experts said whether tickets to Minsk will become cheaper.
Airline Victory” increased profits by 50%.

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