Travel News Digest Saturday 26 September

Let’s start the review of the day’s events with exclusive information. On Saturday, an unofficial leak appeared on the travel market about preparations for the launch of a new tour operator, which is being created with the participation of the Turkish holding Kilit and the Russian group of companies TBS Group… The fact that the joint project is really in the final stage of implementation was confirmed to the portal by the owner of TBS Group Rashad Mamedov… He shared some details about the tour operator being created and told what his personal role will be in organizing a decent reception of tourists in Turkey. About this – in our material.


Meanwhile, the celebration of the Day of Tourism has started in Russian cities. It falls on Sunday, September 27, but in some regions the events began a day earlier, on Saturday. About what events are timed to the Day of Tourism in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Yaroslavl, as well as what worries tourist entrepreneurs, despite their professional holiday, we tell in the review.


News that may instill some optimism in tourists and travel agents affected by the departure of the tour operator from the market “Robinson Tours”… Association “Tourist assistance” together with Rostourism will consider the issue of payments to clients of the troubled company from its personal liability fund. What amounts can be counted on in case of a positive decision, the adoption of which by the chairman of the legal committee of “Tourist assistance” Yuri Barzykin calls it “very likely” – you will learn from our article.

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It is also interesting to read: tourists stuck in Thailand have a hope of avoiding deportation – they offer to extend the visa amnesty for them.


Italy closes a loophole for travelers arriving in the country allegedly “for medical reasons” – how will now control entry.

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