Travel News Digest Tuesday March 2

The second day of spring turned out to be rich in tourism-related public statements from senior government officials. And sometimes they are contradictory. Chairperson Federation Council Valentina Matvienko recommended that Russians plan their summer holidays within the country, so as “not to be afraid that some borders will be closed or some flights will be canceled.”


Vice Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova connected the unhurried resumption of flights with other states with the not most responsible behavior of our travelers, who are eager to rest abroad, despite the admonitions of the authorities – to refuse international travel so as not to import coronavirus infection into the country.


Here comes the chapter Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov stated that “the population can hardly imagine their life without moving between countries.” The introduction of vaccination passports by Europe should not infringe on the rights of citizens of the Russian Federation, the idea of ​​their introduction “contradicts the principles of democracy.”


To other topics. Turkey has begun lifting coronavirus restrictions. What indulgences in the tourist regions of the country – you will learn from our article. And in the price review, we tell you how much it will cost tourists to rest in Turkish resorts for the May holidays.


In the material on legal topics, the founder of the Persona Grata legal agency, Georgy Mokhov, explains the responsibilities of travel agents to inform tourists before traveling to countries that are not the most epidemiologically safe countries and gives specific practical recommendations.

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