The European “electronic green pass”, which will become one of the conditions for entry into the EU in the post-pandemic period, will include all drugs that have been approved by the European Medicines Agency, plus those approved by individual EU member states for emergency use, the source said. Bloomberg, close to the progress of the program.

In particular, Hungary has already begun vaccination of its population with Chinese and Russian drugs, which formally gives the green light to the Russian Sputnik V.

Around the inclusion of domestic and Chinese vaccines in the “green pass” program in the EU, serious controversy unfolded, writes Bloomberg. Some members of the Union fear that the drugs can be used as an instrument of geopolitical propaganda. On the other hand, the European authorities cannot tolerate restrictions for those countries that have already approved the drugs.

In addition, the EU is seeking to accelerate vaccination rates, which lag behind many other regions. According to the Bloomberg vaccine monitoring system, only 9.4 out of 100 European citizens were vaccinated.

At this rate, vaccinating 70% of the population by the end of the summer – a goal set by the EU authorities – will be extremely difficult.

The first draft of the “electronic green passes” program will be presented by the European Commission on March 17, it was reported earlier. An electronic document will allow its holders to cross state borders, as well as to enter the EU for citizens of third countries.

Several participating countries have already started launching their own “covid passport” projects. First of all, these are Greece and Spain, whose economies are heavily dependent on tourism, and further delay threatened to disrupt the second tourist season.

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“Tourists will be provided with favorable conditions for entry if they are either vaccinated before the trip, or they will have antibodies, or the test results will be negative. Greece is ready with a full protocol for the summer of 2021 “, – said at ITB Berlin Minister of Tourism of Greece Haris Theocharis.

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