How to develop domestic tourism in Russia and prevent a sharp rise in prices for vacations?

Director Center for Strategic Analysis and Development of the Union of Tourism and Hospitality Roman Yeremyan believes that it is possible to develop domestic tourism in Russia using the example of China. There citizens received subsidies from the state can spend on almost anything. If we would have done this in Russia, then, quite possibly, it would have been possible to avoid the rise in prices for vacations, which is especially noticeable now against the background of the “closure” of Turkey. Roman Yeremyan dedicated a post to this topic on Facebook, we publish it with the permission of the author.

On April 13, Macau launched a new wave of stimulating consumer spending on services. Every citizen and – attention! – the resident, including children, received 8,000 local patacas ($ 1,000) on a previously issued government-issued e-card or to any of their accounts in one of several local payment systems. For comparison, the average salary in Macau in 2019 was $ 2,500. In Russia, the average salary in 2019 was 47,600 rubles. (with a median of 26,000 rubles). So, if our bosses decided to implement such a program in Russia in the same proportion, each citizen, including minors, would receive 18,400 rubles, or 2.9 trillion rubles. at all – 20% of the national welfare fund.


What is the striking difference between the program in Macau and our attempts to “fill the fire with gasoline”, which only lead to higher prices for everything, where the subsidies go from the budget?

1. You can spend no more than 5% of the amount per day, for Russia it would be about 930 rubles. per day per person. If there are children, the parent’s daily spending limit grows by the number of children – this stimulates spending evenly, creates an even calm additional demand and prevents a sharp increase in demand and prices.

2. You can spend on anything, except communal apartments, non-local online stores, communication services, medicine, betting in casinos, trips abroad.


As a result, all this money allocated by the government will return to the service economy in a predictable period, create 3 times more goods and services in circulation, and save a ton of jobs.

3. In addition to this, today (April 15th – Ed.) launched another program: each citizen or resident received an additional $ 40 to the account for the costs of local (city) travel services – excursions, museums, hotels, restaurants. For us, taking into account the difference in the average salary, it would be 1,500 rubles. on the nose. It is expected to be used by approximately 30% of the population.

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