Travel News Digest Tuesday May 4th

Let’s start with the good: Bulgaria resumes accepting visa applications. The way to the resorts is open, however, you can only get there by connecting flights.


Unfortunately, not everyone in Europe is waiting for Russian tourists. Finland refused to renew previously issued visas to Russians.


In the summer, however, gazes are directed towards countries with a warmer climate. Many media outlets reported that Cyprus has so far left Russia in the “red” zone, but this does not really change anything for tourists – they are already used to PCR tests, if not for their number. According to our correspondent’s calculations, due to new requirements Rospotrebnadzor, which entered into force on May 1, a trip to the same Cyprus in total will require as many as four analyzes.


Travel agencies, meanwhile, are trying to find an alternative to “closed” countries and are eyeing the western hemisphere. The first flight to Venezuela flew 90 Russians, among whom, according to our information, there are participants in a promotional tour with travel agents.


But, perhaps, the expansion of the airline’s flight program promises more prospects for tourism. flydubai, which will open flights from 11 cities of Russia.


The main thing is that it does not work out like with Morocco, where the Moroccan airline suddenly canceled and postponed flights. Or with Nepal, from where 500 Russian tourists who are there are forced to leave urgently.


Tanzania is tightening travel rules for tourists.
S7 will launch a competitor “Victory”
A tourist was killed in a fire in a Moscow hotel.

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