Digest of current travel news for Wednesday, October 7

The statistics on coronavirus continues to be in the spotlight: the positive is that in Moscow at the end of October 7, there was a slight decline in the number of detected cases (3229 against 4082 the day before), there is a negative trend in Russia as a whole (11 115 cases against 11 615 ). However, the situation is tense. In the regions, the authorities are forced to tighten countermeasures, which is clearly seen in the example of the Stavropol Territory. The day before, they decided to quarantine all visitors who do not have a residence permit, with the exception of tourists heading to sanatoriums. And although mainly organized tourists go there, the tourism industry of the region has already faced the consequences. Local travel agencies receive a flurry of calls with questions and refusals to travel.


In Moscow, hoteliers are waiting for clarifications on how to work in the face of the requirement to send 30% of employees to remote work. Obviously, it is impossible to painlessly reduce the number of maids and receptionists. Colleagues from St. Petersburg, in turn, are watching Moscow, since in St. Petersburg the authorities have so far limited themselves to only recommendations.

The alarming information background makes entrepreneurs wonder whether they have the strength to pull off a business amid a decline in sales. In the professional group “Travel Presidium” travel agents admit that they cut personal expenses. What they are saving on now, and what they are not saving on, read our review.

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But there is good news as well. For example, the administration of Vnukovo airport is trying to solve the problem of queues for rapid tests for coronavirus and has increased the number of points where tests are taken. In the comments, however, they joke that you need to open even more points, as this will increase income from passing tests.


The Russian government has published a list of 52 countries, whose citizens will be able to apply for a single electronic visa to Russia from January 1, 2021. Inbound tourism is still down, but in the future this measure can seriously increase the flow of tourists to our country. All that remains is to cope with the coronavirus.


The news is not entirely about tourism, but still: Vladimir Putin celebrated the 68th anniversary. Since the president did not have vacation this year, the tourism pros brainstormed and suggested options for where to go. Guess why Kamchatka won.


By tradition, we will finish the issue with interesting news from abroad. In Turkey, the Safe Tourism program has been extended until 2023. This means that hotels will have to obtain security certificates for another three years, and tourists, apparently, will get used to the fact that they will not be allowed to the buffets soon. And finally, in Thailand, the government has called for the immediate opening of borders to foreign tourists, as otherwise the country’s GDP will decrease by 8-10%.

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