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Rosaviatsia suggested Rosturizm take action against tour operators that use cargo and passenger flights to transport tourists. And she even called on citizens to refuse such flights. On the one hand, the news is expected. Earlier, there were signals that the department is dissatisfied with the fact that irregular flights are used for other purposes. On the other hand, all this looks like an attempt to throw responsibility on Rosturizm – it is not he who issues permits for flights, he has no real levers of pressure on tour operators, since there is no violation of the law. The scheme, as you understand, is not used from a good life. Turkey, contrary to promises, was never opened. Egypt, Cyprus and Tunisia too. Where to send tourists? Russian South? People go there without tour operators, there are not enough places in popular hotels. And not everyone agrees to the Far East or Siberia – people basically want to go to the warm sea in the summer.


For other news. Turkey announced that vaccinated Russians will not have to take a PCR test upon arrival. Unfortunately, for the majority, this news is not yet relevant. Now you can get to Turkey only on a few flights from Moscow, the rest, in connection with the recent decision of the headquarters, had to be removed, including with a scandal.


An economic forum is being held in St. Petersburg. The day before, we learned how this affected hotel prices.


And on the sidelines, the topic of tourism sounded loudly: the Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation for the Rights of Entrepreneurs Boris Titov stood up for the director of the Sochi sanatorium Dmitry Bogdanov, who has been in jail since May 30 after a letter from one person to the prosecutor’s office.


Otherwise, we are doing well with domestic tourism. In Crimea, they report that there are no problems with water. We have created an official list of accommodation facilities for tourists so that those who wish can make sure that they are not swindled by scammers. FAS reported that there were no massive violations with the rise in hotel prices.


And the government expanded the children’s cashback program and persuaded VTB give soft loans for the construction of hotels.


Meanwhile, the tourist business continues to lose staff: many companies have “shrunk” to one person, specialists leave, since they have nothing to offer their clients. Entrepreneurs are outraged by the division of tourism into their own, native, domestic, and foreign, harmful, international.

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