“Tourist cashback” in the summer season has become a driver for sales on the cruise market. The share of bookings under the program amounted to 62% of all sold tours during the third stage of the promotion, according to kruiz.online, with the most sales (48%) accounted for by short trips.

The company noted that the average check for the entire period of the third stage of the tourist cashback program was 28 thousand rubles. for one. The amount is unusually small for the cruise industry: the average check here, as a rule, is 60 thousand rubles – but the trend is precisely explained by the fact that almost half of all bookings were made for the shortest cruises of 3 days.

“The state program to stimulate demand for holidays in Russia has definitely worked in the cruise industry. With an unstable epidemiological situation and a predominantly age client audience, the cashback project significantly supported the choice of people in favor of recreation. After all, the majority of Russians had a question not “where to go to rest?”, But “to go or not to go on vacation?” And “is it worth investing in this?” Of course, government assistance increased confidence and trust among our citizens, ”believes Denis Kreitsberg, director of the kruiz.online river cruise marketplace.

The success of the action was also noted in the “Cruise House” – in the company about 80% of sales were carried out according to the program. “Of course, cashback boosted all sales, but especially for short cruises. Our company as a whole very positively assesses the incentive programs carried out by the government and welcomes the active position of Rostourism on this issue. At the fourth stage, we note a slight slowdown in sales, obviously this is due to the exacerbation of the epidemic situation, which is now observed in our country, and consumers are still determined more with the rest for July and August, “- said CEO of the company Konstantin Puchkov

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Confirmed an increase in demand for promotions for short cruises and General Director of the Cruise Center “Infoflot” Andrey Mikhailovsky: “The bulk of cashback tours fell on weekend tours. The start of the third stage was announced in March, by which time long tours were already practically sold out, they are often bought a year and a half before the trip. Cashback helped to attract new customers to cruises – before they either did not think at all about resting on the water, or they were embarrassed by the price, and with the advent of preferential support, they decided to go on short cruises in order to understand how much they are interested in this type of vacation at all ” the expert explained. He added that the companies are now in every possible way supporting the trend for the development of short cruises, which are good because they do not need to be planned in advance, this is especially important in a pandemic.

According to the expert, the fourth stage of cashback is a special topic: travelers are afraid of bad weather, and children go to school. “But at the same time in the fall the price is lower for 20-25%, and with the help of cashback, an autumn cruise is almost half the price of a summer one, so now we see a boom in orders for a season that was not so popular before – they usually start booking autumn in August, and now they take it from June, which is great. We very much hope that the action will be extended further, ”Mikhailovsky summed up.

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Experts also note that the only thing Russians do not save on now is comfort: most often travelers choose ships of the Standard and Comfort class – 32% each, according to statistics from kruiz.online. ““ Economy ”is a departing nature. Cruise companies cannot operate at a loss, offering discounts, the cost of the trip is the same for everyone, so they keep the price, while adding value to themselves, that is, this is a high level of service, various services, cruises now are like rest in a good three-star, otherwise and a four-star hotel, and I’m talking about the “standard”, ”noted the CEO of Infoflot.

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