China launched a health passport program: using a QR code, authorities in other countries can now receive information about the health of Chinese tourists, informs eturbonews March 10.

A passport is a digital or paper certificate that contains information about the vaccination of a Chinese citizen, as well as the test results for Covid-19. You can get the document through the WeChat platform, initially it will not be required.

That being said, health QR codes in WeChat and other Chinese smartphone apps are already required to access internal transport and many public places in China.

“Health passports,” according to a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, are designed to “help restore the global economy and facilitate cross-border travel.”

Recall that the issue of “green passports” is now being discussed by many countries, some have already introduced them in test mode for internal use. However, for international travel, it is important to create a unified system of standards for certificates that would be accepted by all countries, so time will tell how “international” China’s passport is truly international.

Earlier it became known that the European Union may launch a program of covid passports in May. “The European Commission will receive the proposal by March 17th. So using a vaccination passport can really be a matter of May. In any case, we need a functional solution for summer travel, ”said the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry.

Meanwhile, as Profi.Travel previously reported, EU green passports will include all drugs that have been approved by the European Medicines Agency, plus those approved by individual EU member states for emergency use. From which the experts conclude that the Russian “Sputnik V” will also become a “pass” to Europe, since it has already been approved by Hungary and Slovakia. The European Commission has already officially allowed EU members to purchase the Russian vaccine, in addition, Sputnik V may soon be certified for use in Europe.

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