Association “Tourpomosch” is completing the collection of claims from clients of the tour operator “RUS-TOUR” for reimbursement of funds for unrealized tours from the personal responsibility fund (FPO), according to the statement of the Federal Tourism Agency. Applications are accepted until August 1.

The amount of funds in the FPO is 8,450,091 rubles, they recalled in Profi.Travel in the “Tourist assistance”.

They also added that in order to receive funds, tourists must provide a requirement, a copy of an identity card, a copy of an agreement on the sale of a tourist product, documents confirming real damage, documents on payments to the insurance company. A complete list of documents can be found on the Rostourism website.

The register of claims was created on March 23, and the term for its formation is 90 working days. At the moment, “Turpomosch” has accepted applications for 790 tours, told Profi.Travel Director of the Association Alexander Osaulenko.

At the same time, he did not name the total amount of claims, since not all applications have been verified yet.

“Now we cannot say that all the stated requirements will be satisfied, because at the stage of document verification, some applications are eliminated. The reasons are different, most often it is either incorrectly executed documents or their absence, ”said Alexander Osaulenko.

He also added that payments from the FPO “RUS-TUR” can begin in late August – early September this year.

As a reminder, the RUS-TOUR tour operator, which specializes in tours to the Chinese island of Hainan, announced the termination of its outbound tourism activities on December 10, 2020.

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The financial responsibility of the TO was insured in the insurance company “Soglasie” in the amount of 50 million rubles. The insurer began accepting applications from injured tourists, but later accused the tour operator of trying to evade obligations and shift its obligations to partners. Nevertheless, the acceptance of applications from the injured tourists was completed, and the insurer fulfilled all its obligations. The total amount of claims exceeded 85 million rubles, exceeding the insured amount by more than one and a half times.

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