Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova advised tour operators not to sell tours to Turkey and Tanzania for dates after June 1 until the authorities decide to resume communication. She stated this at a government briefing on April 26.

“Air traffic has been suspended until June 1, 2021. And here I would turn to our respected tour operators, so that, until the authorities decide, tours for dates after June 1 are not yet implemented until a final decision is made assessing the epidemiological situation in Turkey and Tanzania in order to resume visiting our citizens these states for the purpose of vacation and recreation. This is very important, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Golikova noted that the epidemiological situation in these states remains difficult – in Turkey, for example, a curfew has been introduced. In addition, the airlines, together with the Federal Air Transport Agency, continue to take Russian tourists home from the territory of these countries.

Recall that rumors about a possible extension of the closure of the message have been exaggerated in the market since last week and have now received indirect confirmation.

In the Turkish market, meanwhile, they pay attention to the fact that Russia’s decision to resume flights to Egypt was made against the backdrop of a not very favorable epidemiological situation. And they wonder why then air traffic with Turkey was limited. Thus, the head of the tourism council of the municipality of Antalya and general manager of the NBK company, Recep Yavuz, noted that he was surprised by this news, given that there are only 200 thousand cases of infection in Egypt for the entire period and “50 deaths a day.” In his opinion, this indicates the unreliability of data.

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“How can a country be considered safe, in which only 500 thousand out of 106 million people are vaccinated? It is strange that Russia considers a country where vaccination is very slow and the infrastructure of the health care system is lame, safer than Turkey, ”he stressed.

Only important. For the pros only.

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