Report: the tour operator gathered travel agencies for the long-awaited workshop

On March 9, Coral Travel held the Spring-Summer 2021 workshop at the Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park hotel in Moscow. It became the first large-scale event of the company since the beginning of the pandemic and aroused great interest among travel agencies – everyone wanted to know what the partner would present on the eve of the season and finally communicate not online, but face to face. According to the feedback from the participants, the tour operator managed not only to meet expectations, but even to surpass them, presenting a new approach to organizing the event. Read more in the reportage by Maxim Pashkov.

True to tradition, Coral Travel presented its corporate style of communication, combining all the best from workshops, seminars and exhibitions. It turned out to be a kind of cocktail, where on an area of ​​3500 sq. m all components harmoniously complemented each other. So, in 10 conference rooms seminars were held on Turkey, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro, UAE, Tanzania, Maldives, Sri Lanka, as well as on the OTI Hotels & Resorts network, the Sun Family Club children’s club , VIP tourism and GDS tours. A small exhibition was held in the spacious ballroom, at which 48 exhibitors from Turkey, Greece, UAE, Tunisia and the Maldives presented the most popular hotels and destinations.


A separate space was allocated for the workshop of the tour operator’s departments, where everyone could get acquainted with the company’s employees. As a result, there was an abundance of useful information and long-awaited live communication. According to the participants, the atmosphere of joy that the tour operator managed to create could literally be sipped.



“This is the most ambitious thing that has happened since the beginning of the pandemic. Full house! And most importantly, our dear partner agents missed us, as we missed them. Everyone is ready to research and sell. Moreover, Turkey is famous for its innovations and each hotel has arrived with some new feature. ”

, Sales Director of Bellis Deluxe Hotel

“I’ve been in this business for a long time and such live events are irreplaceable. Meet with the management, talk to each other, learn new products from partners. This is truly priceless. Not everything can be found online. The best thing is word of mouth. ”

Boris Malimon

, director of the agency “Lemon Tour”

The main novelty was the transition of Coral Travel to full digitalization and the rejection of printed materials: catalogs, leaflets, brochures. All of the tour operator’s products were demonstrated on numerous touch tables and panels. It was possible not only to read the description of the hotels and look through the photos, but also watch the video, get acquainted with the reviews and current information, which was updated online. Those interested could immediately download the necessary data to a smartphone using QR codes.


In the lobby, the traditional press wall was replaced by 3D panels, where participants willingly took pictures against the background of a three-dimensional sandy beach or their favorite hotels. We, like in 2020, went to bed in one era, and in 2021 we woke up in a completely different one – this was the general opinion of most of the guests.

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“Digitalization is impressive. As a leader, it is important for me to get acquainted with the advanced trends and opportunities, and here you can not only see them, but also try them. Not to mention the fact that it is interesting, accessible, popular, visual and simple for tourists who can see everything on the screens of mobiles and tablets. ”

Oksana Tereshchenko

, director of the agency “Oleto Tour”

Today it is much easier, more convenient and more effective for us to demonstrate resorts and hotels to clients on monitors. Plus, it also takes care of the environment. ”

Mikhail Tsvanga

, director of the “Paradise Holidays” agency

“Interactive catalogs and touch panels are a very convenient format. Until I saw and tried how it works, I didn’t think about it. Now I realized how cool it is and how it should be. You need to place one in your office. I was also impressed by the 3D panels with a very bright and vivid picture. For a photo on Instagram, what you need. And lovers of Tik-Tok can also dance. ”

Boris Malimon

, director of the agency “Lemon Tour”

What else interesting has Coral Travel prepared for its partners for the 2021 season? Taking the Elit concept to a whole new level. Launch of a new site, ideas for improving which everyone can offer. Daily stocks that come out literally non-stop. A new style of working with agencies, when curators themselves come to visit them to teach and help. And much more that the participants were greeted very warmly. But the greatest resonance was caused by the statement of the Coral Travel management about the increase of exclusives in Turkey by 50-70% from 70-80 hotels in 2020 to 120 in 2021, which the tour operator has united in a special project “Summer Collection”. According to travel agencies, the expansion of exclusive hotels this season is the main trend, where Coral Travel may have managed to select some of the best properties.

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“Increasing the exclusives of Coral Travel is very good-ro-sho! Then travel agencies do not have a headache, there are no senseless rumblings and comparisons of who else and on what conditions has this or that popular hotel. Now, if the hotel is on the list of exclusive ones, we will immediately book it. Everything is simple, clear, and most importantly – convenient. ”

Yuri Gritsenko

, director of “Flagman Travel” agency

“The expansion of exclusives from Coral Travel, complete with a good flight program, is just fire! Because exclusives are a guarantee of places and a guarantee of quality, because the tour operator is responsible for the management, service, infrastructure, food and drinks in their base hotels. We can safely book, knowing that tourists will have a great rest. Long-term experience shows this ”.

Oksana Tereshchenko

, director of the agency “Oleto Tour”

The event, which was so full of information, impressions and events, ended with a drawing of certificates for accommodation from the Seven Seas Gravel Select, Nirvana Cosmopolitan, Seven Seas Hotel Life and Blue Waters Club & Resort hotels.


So some of the guests, in addition to new knowledge, good mood and high hopes for a speedy recovery of tourism, also took with them a vacation ticket, and for two. Like the good old days. And even the spring sun shone especially brightly that day. “Life goes on. We have done a great job in all directions and are ready for the summer season as never before ”, – summed up Ercument Yunalan, CEO of Coral Travel.

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