Costa Cruises is returning the third vessel from its fleet to service. The cruise ship Costa Smeralda – the newest in the Costa fleet to run on liquefied gas – will take passengers on board on October 10, the cruise line said.

A special cruise route has been developed for the vessel through the cities of Italy with an exit from Savona, and in the near future it will make five voyages. And from November 14, it is planned to send it to the shores of Spain and France.

Now cruises in the Mediterranean Sea are already operated by two ships of the Costa Deliziosa and Costa Diadema.

All three vessels have a safety protocol that meets the requirements of the EU sanitary authorities. For the time being, only Italian citizens are allowed on board, and the loading of ships is limited in such a way as to ensure a safe distance between guests. In addition, animation and buffet meals are limited on ships. At the same time, passengers can make excursions in the cities of parking only as part of organized groups.

The Russian representative office of Costa Cruises also spoke about their plans to work in 2021. The company plans to focus on European routes for the next season.

So, from March to autumn next year, three ships will operate on a regular basis in the Western Mediterranean: Costa Smeralda, Costa Firenze and Costa Pacifica. All of them will make weekly cruises in Italy, France and Spain.

Three more liners will operate weekly cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean: Costa Deliziosa will go to the Greek islands, Costa Luminosa will operate in the Adriatic off the coast of Greece and Croatia, and Costa Magica will operate in Greece and Malta. Costa Fortuna (Baltic cruises), Costa Diadema (Norway), Costa Favolosa and Costa Fascinosa will go to Northern Europe.

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“In addition, in the spring and fall of 2021, Costa Fortuna, Costa Diadema, Costa Favolosa and Costa Fascinosa will cruise the Mediterranean. Costa Diadema will visit Israel and Turkey on separate two-week cruises. Costa Fortuna will operate mini cruises in the Western Mediterranean; Costa Favolosa will go on mini-cruises in the spring and in the fall 10 day cruises in Morocco. And one more news: Costa Fascinosa will make 10-day travel to Lisbon. The rest of the cruises previously scheduled from March to November 2021, not included in the new cruise program, are canceled, ”the cruise operator said in a statement.

Only important. For the pros only.

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