Details about what information they contain and whether Russians need it

On March 17, the European Commission presented a draft digital “green passport” (Digital green pass). The day before what information the document contains, she announced El pais… Will Russian citizens be able to use it? Details – in the material of Pavel Ustinov

The covid passport is planned to be issued free of charge. Despite the name, the document does not have to be electronic. EU countries will be able to issue it in paper form. It will include data such as the name and surname of the vaccinated person, date of birth, type of vaccine, date and place of receipt, number of doses, information about the doctor who vaccinated. The “green pass” will also contain a QR code that allows you to verify its authenticity and validity. The document is planned to be executed in two languages: English and the official language of the tourist’s country of residence.


One of the main points of the project states that citizens who are vaccinated with drugs approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be able to obtain a passport. These now include BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen vaccines. Citizens vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V or the Chinese Sinopharm will also be able to receive covid passes. But they will be able to travel only to those EU countries that have approved the vaccine from Russia. Among them, for example, Hungary and Slovakia. In addition, European states will have the right to independently authorize entry to those who have received vaccinations not approved by the EMA. The project emphasizes that an electronic document is primarily a “health” passport. In addition to the marks on the receipt of the vaccine, it will allow citizens to enter information on the results of the PCR test and the analysis for antibodies after the transferred coronavirus.

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It is worth noting that while the project of covid passports is being developed for citizens of the European Union and their family members, as well as non-citizens of the Union living in an EU country. As for residents of third countries, including Russia, the digital document has not yet been designed for them. However, the European Commission is considering the compatibility of the European pass system with similar certificates from other countries of the world. Decisions on this issue are planned to be taken later, after the launch of the Digital Green Pass in Europe. So the way to a united Europe remains closed for Russian tourists, even though many already have vaccination certificates.


We add that the European Commission is trying to avoid possible discrimination against unvaccinated tourists in the development of covid passports. The preliminary text of the decree on the introduction of the document states that it “should not be a precondition for free movement between countries,” and also establish an obligation or right to vaccination. The draft states that people who could not or did not want to be vaccinated should enjoy the same freedom of movement as those vaccinated. But the EU countries, if necessary, will still be able to require them to have a certificate of testing for coronavirus or undergo mandatory quarantine. Tourists will be able to provide relevant information during travel, including with the help of the developed covid passports.

The exact dates of the introduction of the “green pass” are still unknown. The EU authorities plan to do this by mid-June to save the tourist season.

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