Digest of current travel news for Thursday, October 8

According to informed sources, in the near future Federal Air Transport Agency instructed to work out the issue of restoring international flights to several more countries. To be honest, the list of candidates is strange. If Cuba is called the favorite, then there are big doubts about Austria and Serbia, not to mention the Seychelles!

Another insight has also appeared: five more may be added to the list of Russian airports, of which flights on previously agreed destinations are allowed. What kind? Read here.


Meanwhile, a number of tour operators have relied on the already open direction – Zanzibar. In a professional group “Travel Presidium” there was a lively discussion on Facebook about the prospects for tour sales in the upcoming winter season. The main question is where to accommodate tourists, because the volume of the declared transportation may exceed the capacity of the hotel fund.


Official representative Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova meanwhile, she urged Russians to monitor the epidemiological situation abroad when planning travel. Maria Zakharova drew attention to Turkey: Russians are increasingly bringing in coronavirus from there, and deaths have also appeared.


However, tourists are still more interested in changes in the all inclusive system. One of the Russian women shared her impressions: it was unpleasant for her to ask the restaurant staff to fill a plate, calling it begging.


There is news from Thailand: Ministry of Health countries proposed to reduce the mandatory quarantine for foreign tourists from 14 to 10 days. It is quite possible that the authorities will take such a step. It is predicted that the second wave of COVID-19 here will not be as serious as the first. The comprehensive measures taken by the authorities to combat the disease, especially the requirement to wear masks in public places, have a positive effect on the situation. But will Russian tourists themselves be able to assess the more benign conditions of stay in the country?

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Air tickets for direct flights to Greece are on sale. Are there any prerequisites that the flight program Aegean Airlines to Russia will take place?


Let’s move on from foreign topics to Russian realities. The weather and extended vacations provided high occupancy for Sochi hotels in October. Where else can you find free seats?


And in Crimea, the mask regime is tightened and control over hotels is tightened. Will this scare off tourists?

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