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British director Guy Ritchie and actor Jason Statham, known for the cult movie “Lock, Stock, Two Barrels”, unwittingly contributed to the popularization of recreation in Turkey. Now in Antalya, where they are filming a new film, world stars are in the center of attention of Russian tourists. Travel agents saw this as an excellent advertisement for the Turkish resort.


To other topics. Several publications are devoted to legislative innovations already adopted or upcoming, as well as decisions of the authorities related to the tourism industry. The head of TUI Russia Taras Demura shared his opinion – why, in his opinion, the draft law on the Unified Federal Register of Travel Agencies will not protect tourists.


By the way, the creation of the registry was delayed at least until January 1, 2022. The new program of concessional lending for the construction of hotels received devastating reviews from specialists.


And here are the explanations FTS that hotels can include commissions paid to the service in their costs, the market was greeted with enthusiasm. After all, this will allow hoteliers to save on income tax.


In the legal review, we analyze whether it is legal for some tour operators to offer retail partners to promptly, by the end of February, to choose alternatives for their tourists to the canceled trips booked before March 31 of last year for their tourists. Otherwise, the cost of tour packages will be recalculated based on current exchange rates. Georgy Mokhov, the founder of the Persona Grata legal agency, clarified.

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And from the price review you will find out in which coastal hotels in Sochi you can still have an inexpensive vacation on February 23, despite the fact that the cost of tours on holidays has increased.


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