Tourism News Digest for Wednesday 24 March

What many expected happened. The Cypriot government has confirmed that from April 1, the country is waiting for Russian tourists with open arms and negative PCR tests. This time everything is no joke, it seems that they are not going to postpone the beginning of the season on the island. “Cyprus is ours!” – tour operators rejoice and reopen tour sales. But more on that another time.


In the meantime, news for those who are planning a trip to Russia. S7 Airlines has started selling tickets. As expected, it does not capture the May holidays, but since the discounts are declared large, we found out how much. And if you are purposefully looking for a vacation in Crimea, see our review of prices for tickets with a departure from Moscow.


The day was rich in legislative initiatives. Cashback for holidays in Russia is offered to be given not only for tours and overnight stays in hotels, but also for trips to children’s camps. This initiative was put forward by the deputies of “United Russia”. What will come of this is still unknown. It is only clear that taking into account the pace of sales, the money allocated for cashback will only last until May. In addition, children go on holidays in the summer, and according to the terms of the program, arrival with a 20% discount is possible only until the end of June.


Another idea of ​​the deputies is called crude, although useful. A bill has been submitted to the Duma, which, in theory, should contribute to the development of tourism in specially protected areas. It’s high time: in Russia only 11 million people travel to national parks and reserves annually, and in the USA – over 300 million. We found out what prevents our tourists from loving nature just as much.

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And finally, news from the series “not even a year has passed.” The President signed a bill on the register of travel agencies, which he instructed to create back in 2015. The standard provides for fines for work outside this list.


In general, there is still a lot to change in the tourism legislation, as the realities continue to shock ordinary people and not only them. For example, clients of a China tour operator who has stopped working “Rus-Tour” can count on payment from his fund to “Turpomoschi” only 4225 rubles. And a tourist of a tour operator who went bankrupt 3 years ago DSBW unexpectedly received a letter of happiness from the Deposit Insurance Agency, which demanded … to return 40% of the compensation received then. How it happened, read here.


To international news. Phuket and Koh Samui have unveiled a plan to open up the country to vaccinated tourists. Serbia, unlike Thailand, allows Russians without quarantine, but there they tend to the same option and plan to allow only vaccinated tourists. There is nothing more to “please” with. The UK authorities are considering simplifying international travel for the British. However, there is still no talk of similar indulgences for foreign tourists – do not dream before August. And the countries of the European Union have supported the project of “green certificates of vaccination”, which is expected to simplify travel within the united Europe, but so far does not concern Russian citizens.

And in conclusion, news in one line
Sergei Sobyanin offered to ride tourists on seaplanes.
Valentina Matvienko: quarantine restrictions in Russia may be lifted in the fall.
Rospotrebnadzor supported business under the Tourist Housing Act.
The Ombudsman proposed to abolish the restriction on the occupancy of children’s camps.

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