The tour operator launches a series of exclusive excursion tours

Before the pandemic, non-standard sightseeing tours were gaining popularity among Russians who often travel abroad. Now sophisticated tourists are discovering Russia. The ALEAN company proposes to do this together with it and launches a series of copyright programs in the most popular areas within the country. Product Director Dmitry Popov talks about the new proposal.

From Crimea to Kamchatka

The programs cover almost all of Russia. The first one starts on April 19 – a week-long tour “Crimea must-have”. Then Anapa, Gelendzhik, Sochi and Abkhazia will join. Tours in the Caucasian Mineral Waters will begin in June, Kalmykia and Baikal will be added in July, then – Altai, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Sakhalin and Kamchatka.

Tours are designed for people with a slightly above average income, who are accustomed to good accommodation conditions, exclusive offers, thoughtful, rich routes. Accommodation is provided in hotels of the 4-5 * level.

The groups are national teams, they go strictly according to the schedule, but small. On long-distance routes (Primorsky Territory, Baikal) – maximum 10-15 people, by minibuses. On other routes, standard tourist buses are assumed, but they will not be fully filled – no more than 30 people.

All the most interesting and a little more

Tourists will see all the key attractions of the region, plus exclusive objects that are practically not shown in standard excursion programs.

In Crimea, for example, a visit to the Laspi oyster farm is provided. Guests get acquainted with the water area where these mollusks are bred, watch a diver catch an oyster, followed by a master class on opening shells and tasting six varieties of oysters.

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Crimea laspi.jpg

The program “Black Sea Duet” (Sochi – Krasnaya Polyana – Abkhazia, 7 days) includes a visit to the Eco-farm “Exarho” with a lunch of farm products, as well as the topographic center “My Russia” and the open-air cage complex “Laura” where bison are bred. By the way, you can virtually wander around the most interesting places in Sochi as part of the project “Discover Russia with Alean!” Join us!

On Sakhalin, the participants of the author’s tours will have trips in jeeps around the Iturup Island, and they will get to the famous White Rocks by boat by boat (usually tourists are taken there by buses).


In Kamchatka, the program includes an excursion to the Vulkanarium. Not all companies include it in their tours, because the museum is quite expensive, but very interesting. Also, tourists will have dinner on board the boat during an evening walk along Avacha Bay: they can taste crab and sea urchin. One day, travelers will be taught how to cook Kamchatka salmon.

Most tours have master classes, for example, on cooking national dishes or creating local handicrafts. And even with such a rich program, tourists have a lot of free time for a deeper acquaintance with the region.

Cognitive tourism with a gastronomic focus

An obligatory element of the programs is acquaintance with the national cuisine. If this is Abkhazia and Sochi – Caucasian cuisine, if Crimea – Crimean, if the Far East – tasting Sakhalin and Kamchatka delicacies. In all coastal regions, seafood is on the menu.


In the Black Sea regions, tourists can also taste high quality local wines, as well as visit vineyards and wineries, go down to the cellars and see with their own eyes how good wine is born. Moreover, it can be not only classics like “Abrau Durso”, but also small wineries. For example, the winery ESSE and Kacha Valley in Crimea, where, after getting acquainted with the process of producing a noble drink, tourists will be offered a gastronomic dinner accompanied by five wines.

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Comfort in every detail

With such excursions, tourists can leave their wallet at home. The price includes everything – from three meals a day to entrance tickets to museums, cable cars, etc. Only helicopter excursions in Kamchatka are paid additionally shortly before the trip, simply because they depend on weather conditions and other factors that are difficult to foresee in advance …

In fact, by paying for the tour, guests can relax and enjoy the trip without worrying about the financial side. At the same time, the price will be lower in comparison with the independent organization of such a trip – the tour operator, as a rule, has exclusive rates for hotels, excursions, and transport services. And the very preparation of such a tour, especially to distant regions, is quite complicated and time-consuming.

Some options – master classes, trips to private farms, etc. – are not available to individual tourists at all: they cannot be accepted everywhere and they cannot always offer a good time (here the priority is given to organized groups).

As part of an excursion group, you do not have to stand in tourist lines. A tourist does not need to think about where to go, where to eat, where to buy excursions. He immediately purchases a fully equipped package, which includes quite interesting, detailed and exclusive programs. And any question that arises during the trip is helped by the company’s specialist who accompanies the group.

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