How the Deputy Prime Minister sees the future of tourism

On April 29, the authors of the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry” held a presentation for the media and investors. The goal is impressive – over the next 10 years, the state wants to increase the attractiveness of recreation in Russia so that citizens do not even think about spending money abroad. A very frank report on this topic was made by the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko… Perhaps for the first time an official of this rank gave an assessment of the situation – Russia is an outsider both in the number of domestic trips and in their quality. We present the most striking quotes from his speech.

Turkey was built with our money

The presentation took place in the hall of the Government Coordination Center, equipped with the latest technology. The speakers went to the podium, covered in a semicircle by a screen of three human height, and spoke against the background of beautifully changing slides.


The curator of the national project, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko began with the importance of tourism for the development of Russia. Tourism, he said, has become one of the basic needs, especially for young people. And the task of the state is to satisfy it. Moreover, at the same time it is possible to “accelerate” the economy and solve many social problems.

I hate to think about conspiracy theory, but I can’t explain why we didn’t fight for this market. We promoted overseas tourism. The success story was about making money and going to spend it abroad. ”

According to Dmitry Chernyshenko, now there is a situation when interest in rest in Russia is ready to shoot like a compressed spring.

The huge demand of citizens for recreation and impressions spilled over abroad in the absence of a clear supply in our country. We had almost no alternatives to compete with foreign tourism products. ”


However, it is Russia that has the richest prospects in tourism.
Dmitry Chernyshenko explained what he means – we are number one in terms of cultural and natural potential. We live in a single linguistic space and in one jurisdiction, we feel “comfortable in every sense”. Russia is the country with the largest territory, it has any climatic zones – from the tropics to the Arctic, but it is listed among the outsiders in terms of tourism parameters.

“Offensive red columns are our place,” Dmitry Chernyshenko pointed to the screen. If a US citizen, on average, makes 7 tours in his country per year (including at least one overnight stay), and a Chinese – 4, then a Russian – only 0.4. Further, the Deputy Prime Minister again complained about his love for overseas rest:

Over the past 10 years, our citizens have spent more than $ 250 billion on vacations abroad. For this money, Turkey, Greece and Egypt rebuilt themselves. “

“You can imagine how great it would be if this money remained in our country, what kind of infrastructure could be created!” – added the curator of the national project in the government.

According to him, Russia is experiencing enormous political pressure from those countries where the flow has stopped. They promise to create all conditions so that Russian tourists return. “But we see what is happening in some countries from the point of view of the epidemiological situation,” noted Dmitry Chernyshenko, without giving examples, although everyone understood that we are talking about Turkey. He recalled that Russia ranks sixth in the world in terms of the number of international tourist trips, and continued:

A real war is going on for the Russians. Russian tourists are adored in Turkey, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt. It is a large and attractive market for any country. We need to keep this market with us. “

These sonorous phrases were impressive. Since the speech of the Deputy Prime Minister did not resemble the standard report of an official, they listened to him very attentively, and the pauses were filled only by camera clicks.


Our tourism is a struggle

Another problem is that 60% of Russians do not leave their region of residence during the year. There is not enough money, information. Many do not know where to rest even in their own area, and in many regions there is simply no opportunity for rest for their own residents. Domestic tourism will accelerate as soon as “culture changes” and weekend trips become a habit. You just need to help the citizens.

So far, the trip across Russia is an obstacle course. It is impossible to plan it in one click. ”

According to Dmitry Chernyshenko, in the process of planning, traveling and returning home with good impressions, “various unpleasant things happen at the junctions.” As a result, the path of a tourist in Russia is “non-seamless” and “uncompetitive” in comparison with other countries.


Meanwhile, Russia has experience in building all the processes so that there is no shame in front of the guests. Dmitry Chernyshenko cited as an example the preparation for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, when it was necessary to create 80 thousand hotel rooms and provide a chain of services.

Another quote from the Deputy Prime Minister’s report: “In developed tourist countries, everything is set up so that you travel using a very convenient cloud of services and leave money in the economy.

In our country, this is a struggle: you need to get yourself a better room, have time to take a lounger and a table for dinner, have a fight with the staff in order to get a normal service. “

As a result, for many of our tourists, foreign travel is more understandable, interesting, accessible, and also cheaper.

Spend no RMB

In his address, Dmitry Chernyshenko also touched upon the problems of inbound tourism. Foreigners are reluctant to come to us, and those who do get there spend insultingly little. The average check is 5 times less than in the USA.

The Chinese have a national policy – not to spend a single yuan outside the country. ” – said Chernyshenko.

According to him, a chain of Chinese companies has been built in Russia that organize accommodation, meals, payments for their compatriots: “They don’t even need to use our acquiring to ensure transactions.” At the same time, in other countries, the Chinese are ready to buy expensive things, so it is necessary to work and “get used to such products that will have an effect on the economy.” And now, instead of money, foreigners often only create a burden on museums and theaters: “Russians are losing the competition for tickets.”


Investing in tourism is unprofitable and dangerous

Another block of speech dealt with the problems of investors. Since Russians, on average, travel around Russia infrequently, investing in tourism is unprofitable and dangerous. Only a very large business with various assets can afford it. The government sees a way out in creating not only favorable conditions for investors in the form of concessional loans, but also administrative support based on the principle of a single window. It will be the “Corporation Tourism.RF” created last year – it will do everything to “make the client’s path of the investor as calm and smooth as possible.”

It is necessary to give loans, in large pieces of land, to give the opportunity to build quickly. “

In this case, investment in tourism will become a trend. And the appearance of large facilities will also help small business – it will develop around the new infrastructure.

“We’re essentially restarting the hospitality industry from scratch. Therefore, the national project created by us is based on people, business and the state itself, which should expand bottlenecks and launch a cycle of continuous improvements in tourism, ”said Dmitry Chernyshenko. And once again I listed the problems to be solved.

● Problems on the side of people – they don’t know where to go, there is no seamless logistics, there are few quality places for recreation.

● Problems on the side of business – there are no qualified personnel, little infrastructure, expensive loans, there is no single window from the state.

● Problems on the side of the state – unworked “normative”, overregulation, tourism is “smeared” in many departments, there are no statistics and primary organizations.

By the end of Dmitry Chernyshenko’s speech, perhaps no one in the audience had any doubts – here and now a historic event is taking place that can change Russian tourism before and after. According to the latest data, the authors of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry national project propose spending more than 2.6 trillion rubles over the next 10 years (529 billion from the federal budget, 72.1 billion from the regional, and 2036 billion from private funds). investors). This is significantly higher than the version discussed by observers in March. The economic feasibility of investments then aroused great doubts among them due to the high cost and insufficient justification of costs. Read about whether the opinion of experts has changed in the following publications.

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