How to convince a tourist to choose an individual tour in Russia

Traveling in Russia – it would seem, what could be easier? However, it is domestic tourism that becomes the most difficult task for many travel agents. Popular arguments of tourists: “we ourselves can do this”, “the service is disgusting”, “the price tag is unreasonably high.” Sound familiar? We propose to work out all three objections within the framework of one master class from Olga Savchenko, head of the internal tourism department of PAC GROUP.

Objection No. 1. “We ourselves can do this”

To buy a plane or train ticket, book a sanatorium or a hotel by the sea and relax with the whole family is a quite feasible task for the layman. But what if you want not just to a resort, but, for example, to Teriberka for the northern lights? Or take a snowmobile ride on the Circum-Baikal Railway? Or maybe to St. Petersburg, but not just take a walk, but discover new facets of the Northern capital?


And if several families are traveling, on different dates, from different cities? Who will take care of all organizational issues? This is where an experienced travel agent comes to the rescue. And with him is the PAC GROUP individual booking manager.

Here is an incomplete checklist of what it takes to make a Private Tour run perfectly:
● choose and book in each city of the route the best hotel in terms of location and service, with rooms of the required category;
● order a personal driver, car rental or a reliable transfer (be it a business class car, minivan, yacht or helicopter);
● choose the best guide in the city who specializes in the right topic – science, art, entertainment, children’s excursions;
● book themed or just proven restaurants and entertainment;
● organize the route so that the transfer, guides, excursions, restaurants and entertainment line up in a clear chain without overlapping and overloading for vacationers;
● take on the solution of issues in case of traffic jams, cancellation of a performance, sudden illness of one of the guests, changes in weather conditions and a dozen other factors;
● arrange for insurance for each participant of the trip, depending on his age and needs.

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If your tourist answers all these points, “I can do it all myself,” shake his hand and let him go in peace. In other cases, let’s work.


Objection # 2. “Service is disgusting”

If you can still judge about hotels by reviews, which, however, is also not always true, then how to find a good guide? And can you be sure, having paid for the rental of a Mercedes, that it will be the same as in the picture? If you work with an individual PAC GROUP manager, you can.

In the same city, but literally on the same street, you can go to two completely different restaurants. Somewhere they even manage to spoil home borscht, and somewhere they will serve perfectly cooked lobster. How can a travel agent know about all the nuances of each city? So tourists have to look at random or ask the locals. And luxurious signs do not always guarantee the quality of service. But you can foresee all this in advance – even at the stage of travel planning, not only choose reliable proven restaurants, but also book a table at the right time.

Even if a tourist wants to change, transfer or cancel something, you will always be backed by colleagues from the PAC GROUP.

A clear organization, the feeling that a tourist is welcomed and welcomed everywhere as the most dear guest – these are the necessary components of a successful trip and a good impression of the service.


Objection # 3. “Unreasonably expensive”

Yes, individual tours are more expensive than package tours. But they are worth it. In the previous paragraphs, we have clearly shown what they are composed of. This is not just a “suitcase-station”, it is a lot of subtle points that should be taken into account in advance and be ready to adjust during the rest.

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By the way, for large companies the cost of an individual tour is even more profitable – it is convenient to rent a car or organize a transfer in a minivan for two families. And the amount of time and nerve cells saved on organizing is beyond counting.

But the main thing is that this tour fully meets the interests of the travelers themselves, it can combine extreme and relaxation, mountains and sea, parties and family vacations. So this is exactly the case when tourists know what they are paying for.

Instead of a conclusion

To summarize, I want to pay special attention to those with whom you will be working – the PAC GROUP team. We are pleased that more and more travel agents are discovering the possibilities of individual booking with our company. After all, PAC GROUP has long ceased to be associated exclusively with high-quality European vacations and cruises. Our team is strong in many different ways. The department of individual tours today consists of 61 highly qualified specialists who are ready to embody the most daring ideas of your clients. And 2020 clearly showed everyone who still doubted that in Russia you can organize almost any kind of recreation at a decent level: whether it be a trip along the Golden Ring or a tour to the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka, winter adventures on the Baltic coast or an extreme tour in the Caucasus mountains. So let’s do it together!


Write and call me and my colleagues, we will be happy to answer your inquiries.

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