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Tour operators are trying to restore the interest of tourists in early booking: they issue special offers and simplify conditions. Including offer to buy tours with a symbolic prepayment: to Mexico, Thailand, India and other countries where direct transportation from Russia has not yet been restored. However, so far the interest in such shares is not very high. This can be judged by the comments of readers on the TourDom.ru portal. We summarized them and tried to answer the question: how to restore the trust of tourists?

Tired of surprises

The reasons for the weak interest in proposals for the advance purchase of tours are different, one of which is COVID-19 itself, or rather, unclear prospects with the timing of the completion of the coronavirus pandemic. Judging by the responses, tourists are tired of surprises, and they would rather prefer to relax at home than to plan and pay for trips in advance. “Early booking promotions will go away for several years, until the complete free movement around the world,” – said one of the commentators.


If the amount in rubles were fixed …

For others, pricing hinders the use of the offer. “And what’s the point in these actions? They do not bring any benefit to the client, – asks one of the participants in the discussion. – If tour operators fixed the amount in rubles, then, in principle, it is possible to risk the conditional 1000 rubles. And in fact, having given 1000 now, what do we get in return? Place in the hotel? But by the summer the rate will most likely be at least 10-15 percent higher. And the tour operator is unclear what wins. He also has to make an advance payment for hotels and planes in winter. And then the tourist, despite the fee, will refuse the tour. ”

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Get your trust back!

But the main problem lies in the lack of trust in the travel industry, readers are convinced. They note that no refunds have been received for many past bookings, and in some cases, product suppliers cannot even be contacted.

“Now the reputation of the tourist business is such that even an experienced traveler is afraid to lose honestly earned money,” one of the commentators noted.


In the opinion of many readers, the travel industry will restore confidence in early booking only when tour operators fully close all obligations for canceled tours. Obviously, this process will take a long time.

As a reminder, according to government decree No. 1073, tour operators can postpone refunds until December 31, 2021.

Give a commission!

Representatives of travel agencies, in turn, believe that tour operators are on the right track, allowing them to buy tours with a symbolic prepayment of 1000 rubles.

Alexan Mkrtchyan, General Director of the Pink Elephant travel agency network admits that even this amount can not be taken. The main thing is that the tourist has the opportunity to pay the full payment two weeks before the start of the tour.

But this is not enough to restore the depth of sales: it is necessary to enlist the support of travel agencies.


“You should forget about the commission below 10%. It is important to set interest on early booking for retail, not less than 12-13%. And those companies that do this will receive all early bookings, including those to closed countries. That’s the whole secret of success, ”the expert believes.

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