Travel News Digest Monday, May 3

Egypt has received increased attention lately, so it is not surprising that one of the most read was the following news: Russian Ambassador Georgy Borisenko went to Hurghada. Judging by the reports of the Egyptian media, he did not say anything new there, but in this visit the readers saw another sign of the resumption of flights from Russia. By the way, when this happens, Russian airlines will be able to count on subsidies from the Egyptian government.


But the decision on compensation to Russian tour operators for the export of tourists from Turkey has not yet been made. In addition, judging by the published draft document, there may not be enough money for everyone.


This is not the only initiative that awaits in the market: on the eve of the holidays Rostourism posted a draft of another government decree, according to which hotels will return the right to evict brawlers. In the comments to the news in our telegram channel “Roof of the TourDoma”, they ask themselves the question: on what principle will they decide whether the guest poses a threat to the guests or not?


For other news. Russian citizens in Nepal were offered to urgently leave the country: due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus, domestic flights are being stopped there, and international flights from May 6. It is not known how many tourists are in Nepal now, but they are definitely there. Whether everyone will have time to fly before the 6th is not clear.


On the contrary, there are encouraging news from Europe. Restaurants and cafes reopened in Greece. Restrictions are also loosened in Italy, Estonia, France. It’s time to discuss the conditions for the restoration of tourism. According to experts, the availability of a vaccination certificate does not give any special preferences so far.


It was proposed to impose a tax on travel abroad on officials.
Putin signed a document on the extension of cashback for holidays in Russia.
Abu Dhabi makes it easier for vaccinated citizens to enter, but not tourists.
Ural Airlines will be taken from Astrakhan to Dubai.

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