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The second Tuesday of July may not be Friday, but still the thirteenth. Therefore, the tourist market was preparing for it with bated breath. It was by this day that the final decision of the headquarters was expected to lift restrictions on charters to Egypt. However, the commission headed by the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova is still silent. Unlike the editorial office of TourDom.ru. On the eve of the long-awaited launch of direct flights to the resorts of the republic, our correspondent has collected complete information about the state of hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada. If you already have your hand on the button “book a tour to Egypt”, it’s time to find out which objects have been renovated, where is the best place to relax with children and where to go for those who are bored with entertainment programs.


Moreover, the issue of organizing charters is really unlikely to be postponed to a distant box. This is also indicated by the fact that now officially the security of receiving Russian tourists at the resort airports of Egypt will be taken care of by the “daughter” Sheremetyevo… The aviation authorities did find a consensus, but passengers will have to pay for it. It is assumed that an average of $ 60 will be added to the cost of each ticket for the provision of Sheremetyev’s services.


However, the increase in prices for air transportation is quite predictable, the main thing is that flights to Egypt do not get feverish in the same way as the flight programs of Russian carriers to Turkey. Since the opening of the republic, on June 22, a real leapfrog has been observed in the flight schedule. Travel agents complain about their too frequent transfers.


It makes no sense to say what inconvenience tourists themselves have to endure, who have already planned their vacation. However, distortions are observed not only with flights to Turkey, but also with prices for tours. How much will the vacation on the Antalya coast cost now, read our material.


Oil was added to the hot pan of the aviation market today and “Victory”… The low-cost airline announced an increase in ticket prices due to new requirements for additional medical examination of aircraft crews. The company decided that it could share the costs of the innovation with its passengers. But German Lufthansaon the contrary, it showed the top of customer loyalty. The carrier decided to abandon the standard treatment of “ladies and gentlemen” in favor of gender-neutral.


But let’s return from hovering in the clouds to more mundane topics: a minute of financial news. So, the Russian Internet service for searching and booking tours Level.Travel raised $ 6 million from the fund Baring Vostok, investor Yandex, Ozon and other well-known IT companies. We found out from the experts how such a deal could be of interest to the tourist business and what the investments would be spent on.


The financial issue of Russian hoteliers has not been spared either. Rostourism explained on what conditions banks will be approved, which will be allowed to allocate soft loans for the construction and renovation of hotels in Russia. The scheme is complicated, but the TourDom.ru editors with experts put everything on the shelves.


Continuing the hotel theme: in one of the central hotels in Gelendzhik, there was an explosion of household gas. One person died, several more were injured. After the incident, the governor of the Krasnodar Territory ordered to conduct checks in all accommodation facilities of the Kuban. It is not excluded that the initiative will be taken up in other areas as well. Regions are now often repeated after Krasnodar – this has already become an unhealthy trend. So, in Adygea, following the example of the Black Sea residents, only tourists with a vaccination certificate or a certificate of a past illness will be accommodated in hotels.

But if you think that Russian regions are too strict with tourists, then we advise you to pay attention to Malta. Since July 14, the country has banned entry to unvaccinated travelers. The rules do not only apply to children under 12 years of age. I wonder if other EU members will pick up the initiative?

Read also: in some hotels in Turkey, the buffet was returned for the convenience of tourists, in Moscow, the heat will be replaced by small rains and dry thunderstorms, a bill on fines for guides, guides and guides has been introduced to the State Duma, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation: there is no reason to recommend tourists to refuse to travel to Cuba.

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