European countries are again postponing the opening of borders against the backdrop of an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. For example, Spain has extended the entry ban for foreigners from outside the EU (with some exceptions, to which Russia does not apply) until October 31.

Moreover, quarantine is reintroduced in Madrid – people are allowed to travel outside their areas of residence only in emergency cases, and it is also prohibited to gather in groups of more than six people.

Hungary will also be closed until November. “The country is in the middle of the ranking in terms of the number of infections, and in terms of mortality we still have one of the lowest rates in Europe. Every human life must be protected by any means, and hospitals must be provided with the necessary conditions for work, ”explained the decision of the authorities Hungarian government representative Gergely Goulash

Besides, EU Ambassador to Russia Markus Ederer said that in such conditions it is too early to talk about opening the borders of the European Union for Russians. At the same time, he recalled that assessments of the possibility of opening borders are updated every two weeks. “I don’t think it will be in the short term. We are now at the beginning of October, perhaps at the end of the month the assessments will be better, ”he said.

Previously Head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova stated that there is no need to rush to open the borders, everything will depend on the further development of the situation with COVID-19 in Russia.

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True, there are two European countries that Russian tourists can visit, if they wish, despite the lack of direct flights. These are Croatia (PCR test, confirmed reservation and visa) and Greece (PCR test and confirmed reservation), which so far allows 500 people a week. Earlier it was reported that air traffic with Greece will be restored from October 1, but this has not happened yet.

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