Tourism News Digest Monday 19 April

The Federal Antimonopoly Service made a rather unexpected statement today. Deputy Head FAS Timofey Nizhegorodtsev offered to open several countries at once for Russian tourists that are the most affordable and with a low incidence of coronavirus infection, in particular Egypt.

The fact is that after the closure of Turkey and statements by parliamentarians about an unjustified rise in prices for holidays in Russia, the department is forced to look for signs of violations of the principles of fair competition on the part of domestic resorts. The FAS monitors prices in Russian hotels from 2018 to 2021, but the answer, judging by the statement on the FAS website, is known in advance.


“Prices for hotel services are formed in a market way as a result of achieving a balance of supply and demand. Therefore, the rise in prices for hotel services in Russia may be associated, first of all, with a reduction in opportunities for outbound tourism, as well as the inability of accommodation facilities to meet the sudden increase in demand in the domestic market during the high season, ”the regulator said. Hence the attempts to hint to the deputies that they will not be able to search and punish the “violators” – they need to look for another solution and open the borders. It is hoped that the government will heed this opinion. Concerned about the situation and in Rosturizme: They also receive complaints about price increases, but note that there are imbalances in the 4-5-star segment.


Meanwhile, the subscribers of the Telegram channel “Roof of the TourHouse” explained why there are often complaints about holidays in Crimea: tourists have no choice, since the quality does not match the prices. This option was voted for by 56% of the respondents.


Prices are rising not only for domestic tourism. Due to restrictions in Turkey, international destinations open for tourism have also risen in price for us. So, the airline Emirates announced an increase in fares for flights in May. Since April 17, an additional tax has been introduced for tickets in which the return flight to Russia falls on periods of high demand.


For other news. Tunisia has allowed organized tourists to come to the country from April 19 without the previous five-day quarantine, presenting only a negative PCR test result for entry. This news does not yet directly concern the Russians, since there are no direct flights, but sources persistently name Tunisia among the likely candidates for the resumption of flights with Russia.


It will now be more convenient for residents of Russian regions to obtain Greek visas. 10 more cities will be added to the already opened visa centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novorossiysk from April 21.


Qatar Airways in the second half of April, it began operating flights from Moscow to Istanbul with a transfer in Doha, and travel agents believe that this offer can be a good alternative for independent tourists.


And the airline “Russia” resumed direct flights from St. Petersburg with several other European countries – Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and Germany.


In turn, Western Europeans themselves are becoming more and more interested in vaccine tours to Russia. The first group of 50 Germans has already arrived to us to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with “Sputnik V”, and the entire travel agency organizing such tours has received over 600 bookings. But the official representative The European Commission warned EU residents against this practice, as they may have problems obtaining covid passports.


How much will it cost tourists to rest in Suzdal for the May holidays?
“Victory” will lose 500 million rubles after the closure of Turkey.
Greece maintains a quota for the number of tourists from Russia.
The tourist flow in the Krasnodar Territory has grown by 15% since the beginning of the year.
Federation Council called Aeroflot revise ticket prices.
Utair planned the only export flight from Tanzania to Russia.
France plans to ease restrictions on vaccinated tourists by May.

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