The Thai authorities have no plans to end the two-week quarantine for tourists vaccinated against COVID-19. writes Thai PBS World February 9.

Commenting on the call to introduce vaccine passports in Thailand, Director General of the Disease Control Department of Opas Karnquinpong said that research on vaccines has not yet been completed, there is insufficient evidence that they contain the spread of coronavirus. “Although Thailand and other countries are vaccinating against COVID-19, at the moment no one knows the answer to the key question: are these vaccines 100% effective in preventing COVID-19,” he stressed.

The best international travel agreement during the COVID-19 pandemic remains the two-week quarantine, he said.

Previously, industry participants asked the government to consider lifting isolation for foreign tourists vaccinated against COVID-19. This idea was once again expressed at a meeting on plans to restore tourism in Phuket, according to the Bangkok Post. However, if we consider that the “opening” of the country for tourists is expected from October 1, then perhaps by that time the effectiveness of vaccines will have already been proven, and 70% of the island’s inhabitants should be vaccinated.

The participants of the meeting made other proposals for attracting tourists to Phuket. So, President of the Chamber of Commerce Tanusak Phungdet urged the provincial government to make public transport affordable and to campaign for all hotels and lodging providers to offer accommodation and services at similar prices.

He also encouraged local restaurants to come up with new dishes, and President of the Phuket Industry Federation Chernporn Karnjanasaya said the island’s businesses should pay more attention to halal food in order to attract Muslim tourists.

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At the same time, all parties agreed that in nine months Phuket should prepare to meet the guests. Deputy Phuket Governor Pichet Panapong said the administration took note of all the proposals.

However, everyone on the Russian market understands perfectly well: no reduction in accommodation rates will compensate tourists for two weeks of quarantine, and it will be possible to talk about the restoration of tourist flow only when tourists do not need to isolate themselves in a room.

Only important. For the pros only.

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