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The United Arab Emirates continues to be one of the safest travel destinations, despite new regulations and restrictions. And although flights from Russia are carried out only to Dubai so far, other emirates are also ready to receive Russian tourists. How to plan your trip and what to prepare for vacationers, said Margarita Kuzmina, Director of the Department of the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East of the company “ART-TOUR”.

Rest in a new reality

Russia resumed flights with the Emirates in September, but only two companies – Aeroflot and Emirates – can operate flights and only to Dubai. Nevertheless, all emirates are open for foreign tourists (and therefore Russian), except for Abu Dhabi.

The main requirement for those who are going to the UAE is to pass a PCR test for COVID-19 in an official laboratory no more than 96 hours before departure. And here there is an important nuance: the countdown begins from the moment of collection (this should be indicated in the certificate), and not from the date of receipt of the results. The document itself must be in English – and at the airport and hotel it is accepted only in hard copy. By the way, such a certificate is also needed for transit passengers, but children under 12 and people with disabilities do not need it. If, on the eve of departure, COVID-19 is detected, in this case the tour does not burn out, but is simply postponed to later dates – of course, for this you need to provide test results.

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Upon arrival at the Dubai airport, tourists will have another test, free of charge. Results will appear quickly, within 6-12 hours – in a special application for tracking your location and health status, which you need to install on your smartphone. You will not have to observe self-isolation all this time – guests will be able to go to the hotel and calmly rest on its territory, but they will be able to leave it only after receiving a negative result.

Another precaution in the UAE is that all travelers need travel insurance, which includes COVID-19 treatment. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually much easier. In addition, the new safety regulations significantly reduce the risk of infection both during and after vacation.

Safety first

In addition to the most common rules – wearing masks in public places and thorough disinfection – the UAE has its own sanitary standards. In particular, the loading of bars and restaurants should not exceed 50%. In all hotels, the luggage undergoes special processing, and after that it rises to the room. In addition, after guests check out, the rooms themselves are empty for at least a day.

Tour operator “ART-TOUR” and its host structure – EET this year refused from group transfers to the UAE in favor of individual ones. All cars are also sanitized after each flight, and drivers are separated from passengers by a special plastic screen.

When it comes to additional protection, don’t forget about the special services at Dubai Airport. The Marhaba Service is available for tourists to quickly go through immigration and customs control. This is really convenient – the fact is that now guests need to defend at least three lines: to receive documents for the delivery of the PCR test, for the test itself and for passport control. But the fast track service significantly saves time and reduces the number of contacts. The cost is very affordable: $ 110 for a family of four. There is also a more advanced service with VIP service, where a separate lounge and a personal assistant are provided for the waiting time.

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Extensive hotel base

Hotels in the UAE are known all over the world, the tour operator “ART-TOUR” has long been working with them under direct contracts, having the largest sales in Russia for many of them, and is regularly expanding its hotel base, offering a large selection both in the luxury segment and more. democratic accommodation options.

Discerning clients can be offered Atlantis The Palm 5 * with a private sandy beach on Palm Jumeirah, Madinat Jumeirah, One & Only hotels or the wonderful Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah, etc.

Popular JA Resorts & Hotels. This is a more budget accommodation option, but with an individual approach to each guest and an all-inclusive food system. If clients are accustomed to all inclusive, this is not a problem – the experts of ART-TOUR will select options based on the tourist’s requests. So everyone can find a hotel to their taste and budget.

Combined tours are often asked, where tourists spend several nights in a city hotel in Dubai, and then move to the distant emirates of Fujairah or Ras al-Khaimah for a beach vacation.

Transit passengers often book several nights in a city hotel en route to the Maldives or Africa to see modern Dubai with its most interesting sights. Any inquiries about the UAE are accepted for work, and the sales managers are always ready to offer the best price-quality ratio to your clients.

Always up-to-date offers

The company “ART-TOUR” has a very strong and experienced department of the UAE and the Middle East. But it’s not just the team, but also the modern booking service. The tour operator offers a dynamic website with current prices, taking into account special offers. Moreover, you can always order a different type of packages: with and without flights.

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“Don’t forget our Flash Sale, or Cheaper Than You Think, for the best deals at a unique price. It is simply not possible to find more profitable on the market, this is the result of our special conditions of cooperation with hotels, supported by high sales, ”noted Margarita Kuzmina.

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