The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) has banned the issuance of air tickets to passengers on cargo-passenger flights without the permission of the operational headquarters to combat the importation and spread of coronavirus in the Russian Federation.

Such an order is contained in a telegram to air carriers, which was signed by the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko.

“Rosaviatsia informs that planning and issuing tickets for passengers on cargo-passenger flights on routes to tourist destinations of foreign countries is possible only if there is a decision of the operational headquarters about the possibility of such flights and the availability of permission from the aviation authorities of a foreign state. I ask you to bring this information to the divisions of airlines that are responsible for the implementation of commercial and production activities and take measures to exclude the formation of loading and registration of tickets for flights for tourist purposes without a corresponding decision of the operational headquarters, ”the document says.

Recall that on Thursday, June 3, the Federal Air Transport Agency published an information letter on its website, in which it recalled the inadmissibility of forming a tourist product on the basis of so-called “passenger-and-freight” flights, that is, charter transportation to countries with which there is temporarily no or limited air traffic.

A source familiar with the situation told Profi.Travel that the headquarters can reduce the number of passenger-and-freight flights from June 19, leaving the minimum volume of transportation.

Such a decision could finally stop the attempts of tour operators to deploy flight programs in the summer season, since the headquarters will most likely block any attempts to organize tourist transportation to destinations with which there is currently no regular flight connection. Nevertheless, the tourist industry still hopes to open direct passenger flights with a number of countries, including Greece and Tunisia.

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