The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) published an information letter on its website, in which it reminded of the inadmissibility of forming a tourist product on the basis of so-called “passenger-and-freight” flights, that is, charter transportation to countries with which air traffic is temporarily absent or limited.

As noted in the letter of the Federal Air Transport Agency, such flights are allowed only for the purpose of transporting certain categories of passengers, in particular: foreign citizens, the return of compatriots to their homeland, family reunification, treatment, work and other categories.

“In violation of the existing algorithm in conditions of increased demand, unscrupulous tour operators are selling travel products that include air transportation to foreign countries on non-scheduled passenger and cargo flights,” the document says.

The regulator urged passengers to refrain from traveling to other countries for tourist purposes on such flights. In addition, he recalled that if the facts of the sale of cargo-passenger flights in tour packages are revealed, restrictive measures will be applied to airlines.

Rosaviatsia also urged Rostourism to take appropriate measures in relation to tour operators that form a tourist product on cargo-passenger flights.

At the same time, a source familiar with the situation noted that the appeal of the Federal Air Transport Agency to Rosturizm is somewhat “wrong”, since the latter has no right to prohibit citizens from leaving the country in any convenient and accessible way. Nevertheless, the Federal Air Transport Agency may well tighten the process and conditions for the approval of cargo-passenger flights, which may complicate the situation in a number of popular tourist destinations that are currently closed for passenger flights.

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Nevertheless, this is not the first time that the Federal Air Transport Agency pays attention to the situation with cargo and passenger transportation. Recall that in November 2020, the Agency sent a NOTAM telegram to Russian carriers, in which it announced the inadmissibility of using passenger-and-freight flights to form a tourist product.

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