Travel news digest for February 11

Most of the news on Thursday, February 11, was about the airline industry. Some airlines are trying to adapt to the new realities of the covid world, some cannot cope and leave the market.

It became known that the national Namibian airline Air namibia from February 11, it stopped performing all flights. It can be assumed that this bankruptcy is far from the last in the field of air travel. According to the most optimistic estimates, the international travel market will recover to the dock level no earlier than 2024.


In Russia, they argue about the prospects for low-cost transportation in the country. Officials support the idea of ​​increasing the number of low-cost airlines. True, so far only in words. However, the carriers themselves are now not happy with the proposal to create low-cost divisions and subsidiaries.


Cheap flight options are now not worth waiting for, for example, in Dubai or in the Maldives. Airlines are revising prices ahead of the spring holidays. Emirates has already announced the change in pricing policy.


To overcome passengers’ fear of contracting coronavirus on a plane, another Arab carrier is the company Etihad airways – vaccinated all pilots and flight attendants. Will flights be safer? Take the survey.


What other fears do tourists have during a pandemic? Amadeus… The company shared the results of a global survey of travelers from around the world, conducted in 2020.


Experts Krasnaya Polyana resort also conducted their own research and learned how the needs of tourists vacationing in Russia have changed during the pandemic. Customers are ready and willing to rediscover the country. And this means that specialists should fill the guests’ rest with new impressions to the maximum, clearly falling into the needs of the target audience.

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For other news. Staying at the hotel on Valentine’s Day will now cost more. Tourists named popular travel destinations.

Another Dubai is under construction on the Red Sea coast. Tourists will be offered a refrigerated island with luxury hotels.

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