Travel News Digest Friday 9 April

All attention on Friday was riveted on Turkey: after the head Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova drew attention to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus and advised to rest in Russia, the sales of tours slowed down sharply. Tourists were in no hurry to pay for reservations, travel agents scolded Rospotrebnadzor, and at the same time the media, and sent each other pacifying videos from Turkish beaches, where, of course, everything is fine.


On all the laws of the genre on Friday, a number of loud statements were made on the topic of Turkey. First, the predecessor of Anna Popova, a deputy well known to tourism specialists, spoke Gennady Onishchenko – he believes that it is dangerous to vacation in Turkey, along the way criticized the Turkish service and suggested that Russians refuse to travel.


Then he splashed oil on the fire Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who announced the need to interrupt flights with Turkey. When the degree of tension reached its maximum, the Kremlin press service spoke.


But contrary to alarming expectations, the news turned out to be more good than bad: the president Vladimir Putin discussed the topic of tourism and coronavirus in a telephone conversation with a colleague Recep Erdogan, and as a result, the parties agreed to maintain “the closest contacts” along the line of specialized structures. The very near future will show what this means in translation from the diplomatic language, but the editorial office got the feeling that the most unfavorable scenarios for tourism could be avoided. Although it is necessary to take into account the statement of the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin… He did not mention Turkey, but warned that during the May holidays, it is necessary to take measures in order to prevent the import of aggressive strains of coronavirus into Russia.


Next, I want something pleasant. Tourists from Russia are welcome not only in Turkey. In Montenegro, for example, the visa-free regime was extended. And in Albania it was canceled altogether. True, the Albanians are doing this manipulation from year to year. European low-cost airlines have not lost interest in Russia either. Eurowings announced its plans for the summer. Turkish Airlines you cannot classify it in this category, but this does not prevent the airline from offering interesting fares for Russians on a flight to Sharm el-Sheikh. For those who are ready to fly further and pay more, colleagues from Ethiopian Airlines and Etihad promise to profitably sell tickets to the Seychelles.


And in conclusion – the news of domestic tourism. It can become a little more wine and strong: after all, a specialized center is already being built in Anapa for 4 billion rubles. There will probably be no problems with tickets to the south, since Aeroflot will use idle aircraft and increase the frequency of transportation by 2-4 times.


But tourism in Russia will become truly affordable when tour operators are supported with subsidies and given the opportunity to “sew” inexpensive tickets into tour packages. We are assured that the corresponding order of the prime minister Rosturizm completed, but no results are seen yet.


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