Travel news digest for October 22

History repeats itself: Rostourism again chided tour operators for selling tours to Egypt through third countries. The joy of travel agents and tourists about the opportunity to send tourists to their favorite resort was short-lived. No sooner had the tour operators formed tours in the direction through Istanbul and opened sales, when the regulator issued a warning. He reminded travel service providers and travel agents that the formation and / or implementation of tours, including regular and charter flights to any other cities in Egypt, with the exception of Cairo, do not comply with the provisions of the Decree of the President of Russia dated 02.01.2018 No. 7 on lifting restrictions on the formation and implementation of tourist products to the Arab Republic of Egypt. Moreover, we are talking about transit routes through Cairo or third countries.

Will tour operators risk continuing to sell tours to Egypt not through Cairo after the Federal Tourism Agency’s warning? We found out the opinion of a lawyer.


Another unpleasant statement for the tourist business came from Russian Foreign Ministry… The department advised Russian citizens to refrain from foreign travel. Maria Zakharova drew attention to the worsening epidemiological situation in the UAE, Croatia, Slovenia, Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, the Maldives and Seychelles. Although this is not the first such statement by a Foreign Ministry spokesman lately.


Our tourists are not so easy to scare. Take, for example, the fact that Russian travelers share on social networks with each other workarounds on how to get to Italy with a tourist visa. They are not even embarrassed by the fact that for the sake of rest they will have to break the law.

Читать:  Failure to comply with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor cost tourists a million rubles


However, the courage of the Russians is not yet particularly extended to Cuba, where flights are already allowed. Sales in the direction are still with a creak. Tourists are in no hurry to book offers from tour operators, and not all travel agency networks offer holidays in the resorts of Santa Clara and Cayo Coco. What is the reason, read here.


It will not be so easy for Russian tourists to enter Thailand and China, even if they want to. At home, COVID-19 does not plan to let foreign tourists in and resume group tours in the winter season. The PRC will focus on introducing new epidemiological standards.


According to, tourists from Russia and Europe who booked rooms in alternative state quarantine hotels in Pattaya were banned from entering the country. The publication caused bewilderment among experts. In any case, this does not apply to Russian tourists, since entry into Thailand is now allowed only to foreigners – family members of Thai citizens who have a work permit or program participants Thailand elite


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