Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic Alexei Chekunkov spoke about the need for sustainable development of territories at the SPIEF panel session “Tourism and the hospitality industry”: new investment and technological opportunities for the industry on June 5. To this end, he, in particular, proposed introducing a fee for visiting protected natural areas.

“There is such an expression: ‘be afraid of your desires, they risk being fulfilled.’ It is absolutely certain that the tourist flow to the Far East and the Arctic will grow – and it is necessary that nature does not suffer, I really want not only my children, but also my grandchildren to touch all those amazing places that I was lucky to see in an untouched state ”, – stressed Chekunkov. He noted that so far there are no such decisions in the government, but some targeted measures in the form of small and targeted tourist fees, “for a pretty penny per person,” are needed. “It is impossible for millions of people to come to places such as Baikal, the Valley of Geysers, our fragile Arctic, and everything that was left after them was decided by the efforts of municipalities and small settlements that simply do not have budgets for this. therefore [необходимо] assembling a model that will not upset the balance, will give people joy, but preserve nature – this is our big, sacred task, ”the minister said.

Supported this thought and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Azimut Hotels Company LLC Alexander Klyachin: “If we are engaged in natural areas, then we see what role and what a colossal burden falls on the municipalities, they practically do not receive anything for it, I would ask to somehow take this into account in the legislation”. True, according to his idea, it is necessary to support municipalities as a whole, and not in individual territories: “We all see these hundreds of thousands, millions of people who come to ski resorts, in the same Suzdal, this is a lot of people, a lot of garbage, of all kinds burden and practically no taxes, no motivation for municipalities to do this, ”he stressed.

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Earlier, the Russian authorities actively tackled the issue of sustainable tourism development in protected areas: chapter government Mikhail Mishustin sent the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko to Kamchatka in the Valley of Geysers. “It is necessary to think over and organize unhindered visits by tourists to this unique object, taking into account its status as a specially protected natural area. In the future, it is necessary to develop a concept for the development of tourism in the Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve in accordance with environmental legislation. And to scale this experience to other similar territories, of which there are many on the map of Russia, ”Mishustin noted then.

As for the flow of tourists to the Far East and the Arctic, then, according to Chekunkov, contrary to stereotypes, this is “a fairly widespread destination” – 7.5 million visitors a year. “Nevertheless, the quality of services in many regions remains the principle that vacationers are a problem for vacationers,” the minister complained. At the moment, there are about 2 thousand hotels in the Far East, while only 10% of them “have at least some star”, the number of rooms is 25 per building, that is, these are very small objects. At the same time, Chekunkov noted, the price-quality ratio for sophisticated Moscow residents is “quite wild.” Therefore, the main task now is to really double the number of rooms and reduce prices, including the delivery of people to places. In addition to subsidizing charters, there is an additional applied mechanism in the Far East: “This is a Far Eastern airline, which has already been assembled on the basis of Aurora, and this year, using all the professionalism of Aurora, which has been a subsidiary of Aeroflot for a long time, and the service standards are absolutely Aeroflot, he is starting to manage regional airlines and stitch their routes, ”the minister said.

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According to representatives of the tourism business, the decision with a tourist tax in those places where tourist flows and the garbage remaining after them can disrupt the environment and lead to the death of unique territories is completely logical. However, there is a need not to “go too far”, according to the tourism industry. The tourist tax should not become another serious burden on travelers, who already sometimes have to part with a significant part of their family budget or take out a loan in order to admire the beauty of our homeland. At the same time, the process should be completely transparent from the very beginning: let the tourists understand where their money will go, even at the moment when they part with them, they need open data on the amount of funds collected and spent – then there will be no negativity.

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