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On Friday, in the late afternoon, when the most interesting things happen in tourism traditionally, an insider was sent to the editorial office: Rosaviatsia is ready to move from words to deeds and apply sanctions to airlines that carry tourists on cargo and passenger flights. Rostourism has already sent out a mailing, warning that tour operators are fully responsible for the sale of tours. Companies think about what to do. We found out the opinion of a lawyer – how legal it is to sell tours to “closed” countries that are not included in the list of the Federal Air Transport Agency.


Cyprus attracts special attention, where “Victory” and Ural Airlines going to organize a number of new flights from the regions.


There will definitely not be a ban on all cargo and passenger flights, but there are already examples of canceled flight programs – TUI Russia canceled charters to Larnaca for Red wings


It so happened that the most resonant news is related to air transportation. Chapter Aeroflot Mikhail Poluboyarinov announced the “opening of Egypt” “in the coming days.”


As usual, there is no clarity, so the audience of the Roof of TourDoma telegram channel is skeptical. In Egypt itself, they confirm that everything is ready to receive tourists – as many as three ministers have visited Hurghada.


During the day, travel news came from the economic forum in St. Petersburg. Head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova announced the conclusion of investment agreements for 150 billion rubles. One of them will be spent on the construction of a hotel in the Sheregesh resort. Another 80, apparently, fall on the share of the already long-advertised ski project “Valley Vasta” in Krasnaya Polyana. Three years ago, they were looking for investors in the UAE for him, but no one was willing to invest.

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An agreement was signed at the forum. Now the matter is small – you just need to justify the attraction of state money. New high-quality hotels in the resorts are definitely necessary – it is better to wait out the bad weather comfortably. And she, as practice shows, is capable of disrupting even the holding of an entire wine festival.


The Russians received a billion cashback for children’s holidays, but there are no places for everyone.
IATA opposed the ban on flights over Belarus.
The skies over Europe were closed for Belarusian companies.
Hungary is ready to open to Russian tourists.

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