Travel News Digest for Thursday 8 April

A wave of warnings about the dangers of traveling abroad again covered Russian tourists. Similar statements from officials, doctors and experts appeared one after another before the New Year. But before the travel lovers had time to relax, they again faced such calls. So, on April 8, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova… She is confident that this will help prevent a new surge in coronavirus diseases in Russia.


The caveats are based on disturbing statistics from Turkey, where the incidence of COVID-19 has increased 3.5 times in a few weeks. Anna Popova said that the restrictions imposed by the Turkish authorities because of this could ruin the rest of the Russians on the May holidays.

Tourists are threatened not only by viruses, but also by scammers, who traditionally become active before the start of the tourist season. Digital security professionals are scaring off with a new way of extorting money from travel planners. We are talking about telegram bots, with the help of which cybercriminals create fake services for booking hotels, renting accommodation and finding fellow travelers. Moreover, you can lose not only money for a certain service, but also all funds on a bank card. What you need to do in order not to fall for the bait of criminals, you will find out in our material.


Next, a few lines about news that directly relate to the work of tour operators. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin are asked to extend the incentives for travel companies in the field of outbound tourism in effect in 2020. The corresponding appeal was sent to him from the Association “Tourist assistance”, Russian Union of Travel Industry and other public organizations and associations. Previously, with such a request, they turned to the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko… There is less and less time left to make an important decision for tour operators. Another piece of news concerns clarifications from Rostourism about the concept of “tourist product”. They had to clarify the issue of identification of travel companies. But it looks like questions still remain. Read more on our website.


Representatives of the tourism industry also have questions about the draft law on the work of guides, guides-translators and guide-instructors. Someone believes that after its adoption, it will not allow many professionals to legally earn. But in the Far East they are sure: the law will get rid of the Chinese guides, whose work is called lawlessness. What other arguments do the two opposing sides give?


I would like to finish the digest on a positive note. For example, an airline “Victory” from May 7, plans to resume flights from Moscow to Riga. Of course, flights are not yet available for tourists. But the first step towards this, we hope, has been taken.


And in Sochi, meanwhile, they announced plans to build a new ski resort by 2025. Perhaps thanks to this, the queues at the lifts will decrease in a few years. No less good news concerns Croatia. Acceptance of documents for obtaining a tourist visa to this country has been resumed in 19 Russian cities. To submit an application, you must personally come to the visa center, as well as provide proof of payment for the hotel or apartment rental.


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