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One of the travel agents turned to tour operators with a proposal formulated rather in an ultimatum: in view of the fact that tourists in Turkey who are unlucky enough to be on their way from the airport to a hotel in the same vehicle with a coronavirus patient, instead of rest, may be quarantined, it is necessary to offer travelers only individual transfers. Despite their higher cost than group ones. Security is more expensive. Find out from our review how the travel product suppliers themselves commented on the initiative, and also express your opinion on this topic in the survey.


However, the Turkish high season is already ending. Tour operators are busy preparing winter programs. Since the range of foreign destinations open for air traffic is small this year, it is necessary to put more flights in such previously considered exotic countries as Tanzania. Pegasus, for example, has decided to assign charter chains to Zanzibar from Russian regions. Details are in the article.


The same tour operator opened the sale of tours to a mass destination – Cuba. Only the airline NordWind, the flights of which are supposed to deliver tourists to Freedom Island, has not yet received admissions for the route. How is it guaranteed that the tours will take place? – learn from our material.


Topics relevant for travel market professionals. Chapter Hoteliers associations reproached tour operators for unfair competition. The reason for this is the inadequate, in his opinion, price offers published by the providers of travel services on the website of the state cashback program for travel services in Russia mirpotesthestviy.rf. Other representatives of the hotel business also supported their colleague. We have redirected their questions Rosturizm – waiting for an answer.

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And travel agents faced an unforeseen problem – tour operators began to demand the return of commissions received for tours sold that did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. What is the reason for this and what the lawyer advises in such a situation to representatives of the tourist retail, we tell in the article.


It is also interesting to read: may face another administrative case and a large fine for ignoring the requirements of the Federal Monopoly Service – to comply with price parity. Hotels for covid? – why not, it already exists in the Czech Republic, it may appear here too. The deserted beaches of the Dominican Republic delighted tourists.

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