Riga is an atmospheric and diverse city. Here everyone will find for themselves hobby lesson, whether it is leisurely and romantic walks in the medieval Old Riga or cool parties in trendy creative quarters of the city. Judging by calendar of events, residents and tourists have no time to get bored here.

You can find out more about the tourist opportunities in Riga at the city’s stand during the OTM: Winter 2020/21 exhibition.

For the first time in Riga: where to go?

Those who have come to Riga for the first time should start their acquaintance with it by visiting the main attractions. Of course, this is the Dome Cathedral, without the image of which a rare souvenir can do without, the Church of St. Peter, the Three Brothers complex – medieval buildings in the Old Town, the building of the National Opera, the majestic Nativity of Christ Cathedral, the Town Hall Square with the House of the Blackheads, Riga Castle, founded in 1330 year by the knights of the Livonian Order … In general, feel free to send tourists to the old town – Old Town, from where they can walk to the modern quiet center of the Latvian capital, enjoying the exquisite Art Nouveau architecture. Once you are full of spiritual food, you can taste local delicacies at the Riga Central Market, a fair in Kalnciema quarter or in one of the colorful restaurants, since there are many of them here.

Riga cafes, fairs, street food

Chamber fairs and street food festivals take place in the quarter Kalnciemsky. There are also wine shops and cozy cafes, and the area itself is famous for its unique wooden buildings of the 19th century.

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Many restaurants and cafes are also on the street MieraIt is convenient to get here from the Old Town, Old Town, – 20 minutes on foot or 10 minutes by tram. In Taka, for example, you can try several types of Latvian beer, in Mierā you can enjoy fresh pastries, and in DAD café you can not only eat, but also admire pictures with good music.

Tell tourists about Berg’s Bazar, a historic pedestrian complex reminiscent of a small town. There are many small shops with local and foreign goods, and again there is an abundance of restaurants and cafes. From here they bring hand-made chocolate, stylish clothes and fur, modern and historical cards, soap, Latvian linen, confectionery, French wines and tableware.

You can end your shopping day in Riga in the quarter Spīķeri. This part of the historic city center is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. If tourists find themselves here in the summer, they can catch an open-air concert or other entertainment event.

Five wonders of Riga for a tourist

There are five locations in the city, which are humorously called “five wonders of Riga”. Not far from the center of the capital there is a modern microdistrict Jaunā Teika, which is remembered for its huge figure monkey astronaut samby artist Denis Prasolov from St. Petersburg. Continuing the space theme: at the Museum of the History of Medicine named after Paula Stradins, you can see a dog and a monkey, which were in space as part of the Soviet space research program. It is also stored here and stuffed two-headed dog – the result of an unsuccessful experiment by the Soviet scientist Vladimir Demikhov.

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Tourists in love with vintage – a direct road to the flea market Latgalīte… Here you can find old radios, cassettes with books, and cheap household items. The local public also deserves special attention. Latgalīte is located in the Moscow suburb – on the territory that the majority of Riga residents bypass.

Art lovers shouldn’t miss Rīgas Mazākā galerija – the smallest Riga gallery. It fits into just one window frame, where works by both beginners and well-known local artists are presented. Send history fans to Daugavriv fortress This hexagonal structure of the 17th century has survived the times of the Swedes, the Russian Empire and the Baltic Fleet of the USSR. The remains of the fortifications are full of secrets and amazing discoveries. The fortress is open to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays.

The most Instagrammed places in Riga

Perhaps all travelers today are blogging on one or another social network. Surely your tourists are no exception. Make it easy for them – advise in advance several locations, as if created specifically for photo shoots. Spectacular pictures will be obtained in Old Riga – against the background of the picturesque complex “Three Brothers” and the Swedish Gate, on Jauniela Street, Dome Square and at the Church of St. Peter. Decorated facades will give a special ambience to the pictures Albert streets and the creative quarter Tallinas streets.

Get a picture of yourself against the backdrop of a miniature lighthouse and bright flower beds. Kronvalda park… And the most stunning sunset photos are obtained in Andrejosta – an industrial port area, which today has become an oasis of tranquility.

There are a lot of so-called Instagram cafes in Riga, which bloggers love for their interior and beautiful presentation of food. This is The Catch gastropub, Space Falafel, Mr. Fox, Kalve Coffee Espresso Room, Herbārijs and others.

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What local tourists advise

The Live Riga portal has a section “Riga through the eyes of a citizen of Riga”, which contains creative videos telling about the city on behalf of the locals. So, the heroine of the video “On the Roof with a Bird Watcher” recommends visiting restaurants on the rooftops and the Riga Opera, and a character from the video “Ride with a Taxi Driver” advises to walk along Richard Wagner Street and go to the Riga Automobile Museum. This is a great option for those who have already been to the city and now want to see it from the other side.

Events calendar for the near future

  • Guests of the city can pause and attend a 20-minute organ concert at Riga Dome Cathedral Concerto Piccolo, which takes place three times a week.
  • From 27 to 31 October, a large-scale event in the fashion industry in the Baltics will take place in the Latvian capital – Riga Fashion Week.
  • The exhibition of contemporary art “We Will Live” will run until November 8.
  • The festival of light “Riga shines” (Staro Riga), taking place for the tenth time this year, will take place from 18 to 21 November, admission is free.
  • The closing concert of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra (Kazadesius and Beethoven) will take place on 26 November.
  • The Christmas market in Old Riga will delight residents and guests of the city from November 28 to January 8.

Find out more about Riga

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