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The Greek authorities have extended the opportunity for our citizens to visit the country with tourist visas until October 25. The quota remains the same – no more than 500 people per week. However, as experts explain, it is not completely selected either. The flow of tourists is constrained by the lack of direct flights, to get to the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion have connecting routes through Geneva, Cairo or London, which is slow and far from budget. In addition, travelers need to comply with additional formalities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Details are in our review.


News from the Russian authorities. President Vladimir Putin instructed to include in the national project “Tourism”, which is allocated 629 billion rubles. budget funds, creation of tourist infrastructure facilities. The intervention of the head of state gives hope that the implementation of the program is taken under his personal control, and the critical responses and specific proposals expressed by the professionals of the tourism industry during the discussion of the national project will be taken into account. By the way, travel market experts have a lot of comments and suggestions.


To other topics. Polyclinics in Moscow recommend that tourists traveling abroad make an appointment in advance for taking PCR tests upon arrival. The reason is the long queues for this procedure. Is the situation so tense in all medical institutions of the capital? We figured out the problem by contacting the Unified Help Desk in Moscow.

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Meanwhile, the professional group on Facebook “Travel Presidium” is actively discussing the forecasts for the future of the travel industry made by the Moscow Innovation Agency. Do the community members agree with the conclusions that in the future tourism may become the prerogative of only a wealthy traveling public, and the middle class will have to be content with only virtual trips, you will learn from our article.


It is also interesting to read: What technical difficulties did the hotels face when connecting to the cashback program for travel services in Russia? Travel agents serving customers in sales offices may be required to wear robes. Why did the Chinese aviation authorities ban Aeroflot from flying to Shanghai?

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