The Greek authorities have extended the current entry quota for Russian citizens, according to the government bulletin. Until February 22, no more than 500 Russians per week will be able to enter Greece.

At the same time, entry is allowed only by air transport to the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion, it is mandatory to have a negative coronavirus test made no more than 72 hours before arrival in Greece, as well as confirmation of the reservation at the hotel. Seven days of quarantine remains mandatory.

In addition, Russian passengers must fill out the PLF form, which, among other things, indicates the address of their temporary stay in Greece. The completed form is one of the conditions for boarding an aircraft.

Initially, this quota was established on September 7, and since then it has been repeatedly extended for a two-week period without any changes. The announcement by the Russian side of the opening of air traffic between the two countries, as well as the actual start of flights from Moscow to Athens, did not become a reason for easing restrictions this time too.

Only important. For the pros only.

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