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Greece may become the first EU country to lift restrictions on the admission of tourists from Russia: March 17, chief of the relevant Greek ministry Haris Theocharis confirmed plans to open unlimited access for our compatriots in May. Confused by one phrase: “the date can be adjusted depending on the epidemiological situation.”


True, CEO Aeroflot Mikhail Poluboyarinov and tour operators in Greece are optimistic. The former hopes to restore all flights by mid-May. The latter are sure that there is no turning back, and are ready to send almost as many tourists to the country as in the dock 2019.


In Italy, they do not even hope for this yet, but with the arrival of the new prime minister, at least a plan for the restoration of international tourism appeared.


Summer prospects in Europe depend on the introduction of a single covid passport. On March 17, the project finally appeared. We found out what information the new digital document contains and whether Russian citizens will be able to obtain it.


The future of tourism was also discussed at the exhibition on Wednesday MITT-2021 in Moscow. The economist’s speech aroused great interest Mikhail Khazin, who did not rule out that a deposit of 10 thousand euros will be required to obtain a visa to Europe. But there were also other opinions.


More hotels are promised to be built at Russian ski resorts. There will be more such news soon – a national project has been submitted to the ministries for final approvals “Tourism”, within the framework of which it is proposed to spend more than 2 trillion rubles on recreation infrastructure. This is great, but the cost of building one room in future hotels for some reason is 54.5 million rubles – this is at the level of Atlantis The Palm in Dubai, if anything. We received a working version of the document and tell us where the state wants to invest such amounts (longread).

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In conclusion, the news in one line:
Zarina Doguzova reported that tour operators have cut their liabilities to tourists by three times.
The tour operator “Tartus-Tour” explained why he could not be called.
Chezh Airlines went bankrupt.
The timing of the restoration of air communication with Israel has been announced.
Iceland opens up to vaccinated tourists.
The State Duma is thinking about introducing covid passports to open borders.
LDPR deputies propose to limit the time of baggage claim.

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