Greece is ready to issue Schengen visas to all Russians wishing to visit the country, stated the Ambassador of Greece to Moscow Ekaterina Nassika on the air of the TV channel “Russia 24”.

The diplomat also reiterated that Greece plans to open to all tourists on May 14. Anyone who enters the country must have either a negative PCR test for coronavirus, or a certificate for the presence of antibodies, or a confirmation of vaccination, while certificates of vaccination by the Russian Sputnik-V are also accepted, all certificates must be translated into English language. It is not yet clear how the translation will be certified; this issue will still be coordinated with the Russian authorities. Nassika assured that this process will be made as easy as possible, most likely, the translation will be done automatically.

The European media reported that against the background of the announcement of the opening of Greece, the number of hotel bookings in the country has sharply increased, and with it the prices, however, experts interviewed by Profi.Travel did not confirm this information.

Recall that Greece was one of the first countries to launch a digital vaccination certificate. The European Union has also already presented a draft “green passports”, which will start working by mid-June.

Currently, no more than 500 Russians are allowed to enter Greece per week, but in addition to certificates and tests, they need to undergo quarantine.

Only important. For the pros only.

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